Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Winter Wonderland ~ Jeju Day 1!

"ANYEOHASAYEO!" After a short island getaway in Phuket, Daddy surprised us with yet another adventure! This time - Winter Wonderland... We'd spend three days in Jeju Island, before exploring Seoul, Korea! Isn't Daddy just the greatest! "Kamsahamida, Thank you!" What a snowy sight at Incheon International Airport!
Since Jeju was a little island away from the city, we had to take another flight from the Incheon Airport!
Getting ready for the flight to Jeju island!
whoa ;-) oppa nicho's charming good looks caught the attention of a personal Korean air stewardess! After the flight we took a nice slow drive to our next stop - a friendly cottage-style family restaurant! Exactly what we needed after all that travelling!
Nick and I outside the restaurant, can't wait to have some warm food!!
Our very first Korean Meal since we landed! This is Korean Ginseng Chicken broth :) perfect choice for a cold wintery day!
We never knew the joys of having BOTH noodles AND rice in the same pot. This one showed us how amazing it can get!
Tummies warmed and filled, it was about time we hit the road again! Guess where we were off to next?
Something about the road....
"Is it just me, or is it more tiring walking downhill than up?"
You probably guessed it by now!
That's us in front of the huge rock along the Mysterious Road. It really is Mysterious because cars can roll uphill without their engines switched on! O.O In other news, Mimi was always on the lookout for the perfect Oppa while in KBS land, home to oppas of oppas!
And... when you're on holiday, shopping is a MUST!
Halfway through the search for earrings and pony-tail holders, Nick found a companion!
"Oh boy! I have to call my mama to tell her about this!"
In the evening, the best way to get the tummies moving before dinner is to visit the actually has a proper name, but i prefer calling it the dragon-creek.
The waves were really strong, crashing on the rocks and the winds were mighty strong! my fingers would've turned into icicles if not for my heating pads.. which didn't work as well as the previous brand we used which had cute white bunnies on the packets:/ but in such cold, ANYTHING warm would have to do.
The reason why the dragon-creek was called so, is because of the rock formation which resembles the dragon's head. If you look carefully, you might see it!
Another thing we learnt about Jeju was that they were really rich in natural resources. Someone commented that there was enough water in Jeju to feed the people for a hundred years, and there would still be leftovers! There're plenty of rocks as well.. and they're protected by the government so...everyone just leave those rocks right where you find them!
Staying really close keeps you warm and prevents you from getting blown into the sea by the winds.. heee, i'm just kidding :)
Nicky ascending the rocky stairs and stopping to snap a picture with the cute little orange camera Mel surprised us with just before we left home! Glad to know that it's waterproof and shockproof... just what we need on an adventure ;)
The walk through the markets offered sights of mouth-watering street food... perfect for three cold children.. we stayed clear of them though.. we had been promised grilled fish and hot pot at the nearby restaurant >.<
Jeju streets were peppered with tangerine bushes and shrubs (i can't tell the difference, but i sure am familiar with the sweet juicy tangerines ;) ) This street stall was selling ripe tangerines!
At the restaurant.... Korean side dishes which made appearances at every meal!
Tucking in! Yummy :)
Winter days are especially short, and the skies turned dark by 5.30pm. Naturally, Mimi, Nicky and I needed some night-time adventure... and that meant more sustenance required... and so~ Supper in the hotel, some REAL brownies and Starbucks (which kind of became a nightly ritual for the rest of our stay in Korea.)
They were good. We slept so well, mummy would be proud <3 looking forward to Day 2 in Jeju!
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