Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Twin Dresses and Blu Jaz

I'd been meaning to check out Blu Jaz, and got my chance last week! Mel had dinner plans with her friend James, and asked me to come along...

"Only if we wear our matching dresses!" I said, and she obliged!

A photo before we set out!
So off we went, bright dresses to match our mood...
And we were happy recipients of praises on account of our dresses that day... Haji Lane is after all a little fashion statement in itself!
Our first Cab-Shot ever
Walking through the back alley, we came across one of the more prominent big murals, and Mel caught the moment!
"James, Where are you?"
 Blu Jaz is such a cosy joint, perfect for catching up and nice light-hearted conversation :)

I love how they used a headless-plastic mannequin as a lamp-shade-body (literally)...

All the eclectic furniture made for a riot of colour, and it's such a photogenic place! Blu Jaz, you haven't let me down ;)

Ooh Postcards! Mel couldn't resist looking through them!
It was great mid-week fun  playing dress-up with my favouritest che in the world, meeting Mel's travel buddy James, tucking into zesty-lemony-buttery-however-you'd-like-to-call-it-grilled-sammmy, and sipping on some cocktails and beer :D
Before we knew it, it was way past midnight... As they say, time flies when you're having drinks... hahaha, nah, time flies when you're in good company ;) And that I was!

Till next time~

Sunday, 21 April 2013

A beautiful Sunset & Baking Salmon ;)

Mel and I were lounging around at home one late April evening... when all of a sudden;


and this came about:


Friday, 19 April 2013

Tea for two!

We love tea-time! The in-between meals, tea and supper, are a big thing with us... and the best tea-time bite is always when we're all gathered round our table, all cosy at home... but sometimes we like exploring new places, so last Sunday Mel and I checked out Foster's Steakhouse in Holland Village!
We'd always spotted it while passing by and thought aloud, "Ooh we should have dinner there someday!" Years have gone by and we still hadn't, so it really had to be done!
A knight in not-so-shiny-amour welcomes you the minute you step inside the cafe... I half-expected him to grab me, so I stood a safe jump-and-run distance away and resisted putting my arm around him!
And once we were safely tucked into our sofa-seats... Tea-time was set to begin!

We like to begin our cosy tea sessions with a good cuppa. So here's our Baileys Affogato!

For the nibblies, we like something a little savoury before we tuck into our sweet treats. Oh look! Here I am reaching for some Salmon fingers with Fries on the side!

When you're at Fosters, you have to try their special Apple Pie. Everyone loves a little pie. 

One bite was all it took. We bit into our forkfuls and immediately our eyes widened. "Oh my gosh!!" we said "This is the best apple pie I've ever had!"
Yes, it was the best!

 They were setting up for dinner by the time we were done... I loved the cosy decor! We'll be back for dinner someday.

We decided to check out the party shop next to Foster's next... 

What's this! Frog Princess Candy! Ollie will like nibbling on this for his Tea-Time! 
"Hiya Girls, it's almost time for Church~"
Yup, our regular friendly reminder from our Mommy Dearest beeped on our handphones so off we went, summoned to church!

...but not till we've taken a few pictures!! 

I love Sundays especially for the post-mass party ;)

Here we are at our favourite Peranakan Restaurant:
 Ivin-Ivin's! Yum! 
Dinner is just a lead-up to our favourite desserts ;)

The day's never too late for some fun! So where else to head to next other than the 24/7 Supermarket! Grocery shopping ranks high on our favourite family hobbies :) 
That was one of my many favourite Sundays! 


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Time travellin' to those great, great days of the roaring twenties!

Every gal loves herself a little bit o' dress-up and a little bit of razzle dazzle...
 a little dash of glitz and glamour... and all that jazz...
And oh doesn't everyone dream of raiding the closets and dressing tables of those bob-haired liberal beauties of the twenties... the flapper girls! 
Mom said she knew the perfect location to play dress up, so she broke out her collection of headpieces and I packed some dresses...

And, on my Mommy Dearest's suggestion of a little twenties-themed holiday, off we went! 
 Where did we find ourselves?
Why, only in the quaintest little airport I'd ever set foot in!
It was my first time setting foot in Polonia International, but it was just as Mom described.

"Where do we go from here?" I asked the three smiling at me from the backseat.
Mom, Mel and Ben had the biggest grins. This must be a pretty great place, I thought.
"Wait and see, little bunny!" said Mom...
I was blown away! Who would've thought you'd find such a sweet spot where you'd never think to look... Trust Mom!
It didn't hurt that Mom's choice hangout had great dining options and sweet city views...

We settled down at the steakhouse to get the party started!
 A little starter, compliments of the chef, in a great restaurant with amazing furnishings... 
which made for countless Kodak moments!

Ooh the parties that are just waiting to be hosted here! We talked about plans over dinner that night.

 Not to mention, every hour's cocktail hour when you're on holiday!
 How many things can you do in 48 hours? 
We did plenty!

 Everyone agreed that our little themed holiday was a roaring success, and there'll definitely be more to come! 

Mommy, ever the fountain of party ideas, already has a few ideas in the works. I'm not probing, I'll let her surprise me...

We had so much fun channelling flapper girls, a la that award-winning film The Artist!
And I feel the joy of little holidays starting to grow on me! 

Cheers to more little escapades! :)

Friday, 12 April 2013


I never thought I'd say it but... "WELCOME TO~ 台湾!". Mel brought us around the most interesting corners of Taipei and Tainan... words alone will not be able to describe them. So I'll just let the the pictures do the talking!

Check out this video of us!

Taiwan 2013 with Mel, Kim and Yiying! from Kimberly Lam on Vimeo.

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