Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Gold Coast!

I'm glad to be home finally!
There really is no place like home... Especially after such an eventful flight home... After two attempts at landing at Changi... in vain because of the thunderstorm in Singapore, we stopped over in Kuala Lumpur because the plane was running low on fuel!! I was relieved because I really had to use the bathroom after guzzling refill after refill of water during the whole 8-hours of the flight so far. We had to keep our seatbelts on and stay in our seats until we stopped at KL, so you surely understand my small ordeal! The situation was most unpleasant! So here're some pictures from my camera! In any supermarket in Australia, we know what to go for first ;) MILO PUDDING! the perfect night snack.. get yours today! This is also a little inside joke with Mimi, Nick and Mel, because it was our go-to night-time snack a few years ago on our 2009 journey... We spent our first Christmas away from home in the Blue Mountains and gave mom her blog for Christmas. We set up the design and the blog address, and sent her regular photo updates, and every few nights settled down around our Milo Pudding to read up on her updates! (I found some of her very first posts... here and here!)

Mimi took us for a spin... without a license?!
Picture perfect, Benji and Nicky driving a vintage car... It looks like it's straight from a kid's picture book:
This was us outside a log-house. Mimi and i were just missing braids which fell to our waists and floral dresses just like the girls from the Little House on the Prairie:
And because we couldn't be the little Ingalls girls, racing through Wisconsin woods.. we decided to be fairies in DreamWorld :) Just reliving our kindy days where we dressed up like this everyday after school~
And every certified fairy should know that a pretty dress HAS to go with a pretty tiara or flower crown, and a pretty handbag (preferably fluffy or feathery or glittery or shimmery) with a pretty pink wand wrapped with ribbons!
I think our wardrobe needs a revamp.. And here's the Queen of Westwood bringing some summery cheer!
And at the end of every day, the Queen insists on enjoying that special cuppa with her royal subjects a.k.a. mimi and i ;)
.... with milo pudding of course! Up next: Tokyo! Mimi and I are almost losing sleep because of all the Sanrio and Hello Kitty and mochi and everything Japanese we'll be seeing!

Also, before you go... Mommy wrote a sweet blogpost on her blog about our year-end trip and it's ... here! That marks the end of a great year of fun... 2013 awaits!
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