Saturday, 17 February 2007


here's a riddle for you:

Some are quiet, and some are just loud.
Some are hidden while some are proud.
Some are done shyly, others are bold ones.
There are all sorts of _ _ _ _ _.

_ _ _ _ _ = ?


here's another one:
No legs have i to move with,
No nose have i to breathe with,
No life have i to live or die
And yet i do all three
What am i?

Ans: i am fire!

i've got lots more...but i'll save them for the next time... :)

Thursday, 1 February 2007


AS expected, i'm in the school band! you wouldn't believe how many people wanted to play the flute! really... almost all 30 recruits wanted to play the flute but only 4 were chosen in the end: 3 other girls and i. i was chosen, mainly because i could play the flute already and because i have my own flute! and, together with me is isabella who has been playing the flute for 3 years now. oh and on our first practice, while the seniors were teaching the other 2 flautists to play the flute, isabelle and i were figuring out how to play "breaking free" and " the start of something new" and other songs from high school musical...well, it was fun, indeed! ok... gotta go now! i have to revise for my geography quiz tomorrow!
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