Thursday, 27 December 2012

Day 6 & 7 in Seoul!

Day 6 in Korea begun with a visit to this historic site in Seoul... if you look at the mountains in the background, you just might notice the rocks forming a tiger head (that's what they said!) hahaha. i couldn't quite see how it resembled a tiger though... resembles a lamb more!
Something of greater interest, was the seaweed museum!! You wouldn't believe how much seaweed we brought back!
While on the road, we passed by the KBS building! Home to our favourite celebs, Uee, Park Jiyeon, mimi's Mr. Park, and not to forget the news anchors, the really cute looking lady and her frog-faced male partner, and the barbie-doll weather girls!
Nicky's all ready with his cam:
At the Amethyst museum, we found the perfect Christmas pressie for Mummy dearest!!
Some amethyst earrings!
Shopping on Sincheon Ladies' Street next!
"cos we too cool for school"
mimi was pretty pleased watching these two boys at the machine;)
Take a look at some of our finds :)
These earrings look like colourful jelly beans!
And some button-pony-tail holders! Oh yea, so i figured that i'll be needing an education soon... so guess what ;)
Alrighties, that was a joke, i'm not going back to school >.< at least.. not so soon! The university was just at the end of the shopping street:
They even had a chapel (a huge one) on school grounds!
Last on the list for the day was the traditional village heritage site where they filmed much of the "大长今" drama serial :)
I didn't want to leave, but the temperature was just dropping and the lake had turned icy!
So we took our last round and left the village..
That night was our last night in Seoul, so we did a little late night shopping! Exploring every nook and cranny of Myeongdong Street, near the Shinsegae mall :) Finally we had the chance to try some local street food!
Fried Pancakes in Cups!
This man dished out succulent chicken bits on a really long chopstick!
It was so tasty!
This ice-cream-pancake was really interesting because the ice-cream came in big balls, which were placed in paper bags WITH the pancake, before getting smashed with a huge wooden hammer! And then they were served:
Something else which was uncommon to home was this lil old lady who mixed some pancake mixture in a small tin over a tiny Bunsen burner, then she stuck patterns onto them with the chop and sold them on ice-cream sticks!
Shinsegae was the big mall near to the street:
It was pretty exciting too beacuse it was just two days to their elections and there were campaigns going on! And in Korea, it's k-pop style... rappers, dancers, singers, supporters in mascot suits, and everything! It seemed to encompass the sheer vibrancy and energy Seoul was teeming with :) What a grand end to our stay in Korea :)
And we passed by a store with a cute life-sized bear standing guard outside the shop! It's called Teenie-Weenie and LOOK!:
What better way to brave the walk back to our hotel than with Starbucks! We even found this really neat tin of Starbucks Secrets ;)
These coffee makers were so similar to the silver one we have at home!
And here, a pretty teddy cake to celebrate our last night in Korea :)
At the airport the next day, we couldn't resist checking out this ultra-cute pop-out-of-a-comic strip-style Charlie Brown Cafe!
Charlie Brown Tiramisu!
Awww.. the words on the cup made me feel a wee bit sorry for poor little Charlie Brown... but i still cannot imagine that we did not notice the Hello Kitty Cafe further up!
It's like a Hello Kitty Museum!
Hello Kitty Cake ^.^ They're purr-fect!
Another thing that really surprised me was that we finally found the korean rice cakes we were looking for the ENTIRE trip!
We were really lucky, because we were able to get like two boxes of these rice cakes (which were really more like mochi) just before our plane left! we boarded during the final call!! *phew* This trip to Korea was filled with the cutest of things, as well as the prettiest of pretty sights especially in Jeju and the great shopping in Seoul :) Now as one adventure ends, another begins! Tomorrow we set out again, headed for Gold Coast, Australia! This time, joined by Benji and Mummy dearest! Till the next blog post... <3 Kim
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