Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Last week of school's here!

This is our last week of school.... and we'll get our report books back too... We did have lots of fun this term. hah. (i dont feel like blogging anymore... i'm in a really uncomfortable position... Chloe's on my lap and she's trying to jump off and it's not like i dont want her off my lap... she has to stay so that she wont get poked by the broken clay frame, which the orang utana is cleaning up. It fell after being blown off a table-top by the strong wind...hmm...)
Tomorrow we're going to PL primary! haha.... we're going there for the Christmas Service... yay.. :) i'm really looking forward to it, since Rosyth didn't have such stuff... haha... and i can't wait to be inside the hall... i've noticed it's air-conditioned too! ok...now debris is cleared. Doggie can go down and so can i.... bye!
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