Wednesday, 22 August 2007

History's History!

Yay! we just completed ALL the exams of the year! haha! no more exams! yeah! anyway...i'm quite pleased with my history marks...although i didnt get the marks i expected for my project.
:( but that's ok... hehe
i found out later that i had the same marks as Wei qin... hehe, and just 2 marks shy of the highest in our class. oh well... hmmm...nevermind...

Anyway, we went to the Asian Civilisation Museum yesterday. we were allowed to roam around the entire museum by ourselves, in groups, to complete a worksheet given to us. then we saw this humongous artifact of a head ... esther let out a tiny shriek at that...haha. then victoria had a shock and probably thought something had gone wrong. hah! next, we saw, yet another, enormous figure...2 of them, actually, they had dark-coloured faces and hair was surrounding their faces. fiona was afraid to look at them... so esther and i went by ourselves to take a look. once we finished our worksheet, we all assembled at the main entrance. we were greeted by bunch of Rosyth-ians... they were in Pri 3, they weren't in the museum, though... they merely took shelter there... it started to rain...they were on a river-side walk or something of that sort. my brother went on the same trip the day before.

okok... so we were standing around the main entrance, gulping down lots of water. ( we were not allowed to drink in the museum since certain artifacts were "sensitive to water/light [so no cameras] " soon after, we were led around another exhibit by three sec 3s. they were our guides for the day and brought us around to explain and show us the beauty of Asia...that was the name of the exhibit( if i'm not wrong...but i'm certain it's "Beauty of " something )
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