Sunday, 20 June 2010

Fathers' Day

It's Fathers' Day today and here's my gift for my daddy!

We did some shopping on Tuesday night! Shopping for the perfect gifts for dearest dad. Mel, Nick and I armed ourselves with lots of ka-ching* (we love you so very much mommie!) and ventured off into the streets of Orchard! Of course, along the way we had to stop for the occasional treat because our little pudge had to be nourished with coke, mel and i had to have our dose of GREEN TEA ICE CREAM!! ooh, aaah.. yum yummerooo!

Mel was going to meet a friend the next day and wanted to wear a pair of jeans. i liked the idea of shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. i helped run around to find them. We spent about an hour with mel in the changing room trying on all my picks.

"i like this one.." "nah, it has too many rips.." "the colour is very unique, we have to buy it.." "nah, it's not very comfy.."

it went on and on and on.. we decided to leave the shop.

"hey mel! look..." it was gleaming under the lone spotlight... the colour, just the type we wanted.. the cut, sleek and long.. the size, just right!

"mel, THIS. this, we must buy."

what made it better, was next to the whitish-bluish pair (which was gleaming under the light) was a similar grey pair! it looked just like a mouse! we got them both.

that night's shopping was wrapped up perfectly with 4 boxes of peking duck, and some sun moulin buns for supper!

dad was happy, and it was good ;)

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