Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Spring Awakening!

As i write this post, i'm sitting in the absolute pitch darkness of the weee hours of the morning! the only light around here is possibly only from this laptop, running really low on battery, and from the streetlamps outside (which cast pretty pretty shadows on the wall here... of a reddish hue) now you wouldn't believe what happened the past few hours! i called this post spring awakening.. not after the musical, not after the pangdemonium play nathan hartono acted in.. not because it's spring-time.. but really because i had awoken, in the most bizarre manner; the feeling of it was one of a kind, i never ever felt in the 17 years, 3 months, and 16 days i have been on this earth! thus the ridiculous title :) because nothing makes sense at this hour! i wouldn't be surprised if all of a sudden, the pitch-dark living room i'm in starts morphing into a whirlwind abyss of cards flying everywhere! (i'm not even sure of what i'm saying!)
i wouldn't be surprised if The Rabbit appeared and promised leading me through the Tunnel of Possibilities, escaping from the evil reality of my impending A's
Nahhh.. actuaully, with just about 16 days left to it, i think i would really appreciate a Tea Party with the Mad Hatter
yea, a tea party would be much better than escapism! Anyway, i was just messaging Mel since i knew that she would be the only person awake at such hour! and she says...
Well, i GUESS MAYBE PERHAPS CONSIDERING THE FACT THAT... yea. my sleep is sacred. i keep regular sleeping habits, turning in by 2am latest, and getting up whenever mom wakes me up for school. i DONT sleep on the couch no matter how comfy it is because the comfort of my pillow and quilt and everything just outweighs the truth that sleeping on the couch could reward me with the thrills of waking up this early ON A SATURDAY.. blogging and more. i had a cool dream now that i slowly regain my senses. it's like i'm slowly awakening to the realities of this dark, cold, saturday morning!
NOW.... i wouldn't have been this awake on normal school-waking days.. the house wouldn't be this curious on usual days... the smell wouldn't be this peculiar on any other saturday... though it doesn't change the fact that Benji, too, is awake. HAHA. i realised after hearing him mutter my name from his room. "KIMBERLYYYYYY~" Well, Benji isn't the only one calling out to me so early in the morning >.< my tummy's crying out for some attention. time to hit the fridge!
OH MY GOSH!!! GUESS WHAT NOW. I REALISED IT'S A TUESDAY?! ok, maybe it's time to wake the others up. it's my last week in school and i'm really excited about it! >.< looking forward to our baccalaureate service on friday when we REALLY bid thee adieu and never evver EVER need to don a school uniform again.. until we return for the papers again that is! ooooooohhh the harsh realities of school ;-) i guess my breakfast can wait a while, while i prepare for schoool! good thing we start later on tuesdays. BUT HANG ON... i've the essay outlines and readings to complete. oh bother. now wouldn't the appearance of The White Rabbit be oh so apt~ "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"
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