Thursday, 19 February 2009

so far, so good:)

Woo hoo. exams are all over. i'm relieved. elect geog and bio were particularly easy...hehe. both math(s)and chem was kinda tricky...hmm.

hehe. i passed chinese really exactly! 15! haha.anyhow, that is but my first test.

i am so happy! we just got our mep results back! i did well.
and tomorrow i'm bringing betty, my tattooed doll so i can spook xinyi! haha. oh, today mimi, xinyi and i treated ourselves to a "celebratory lunch" after our final ca. we had lots of "trans fat" according to xinyi. (we were talking about that during bio..hmm.) all we had, was 2 slices of pizza and a chicken each. alright. mimi had 3. i had 1 because we were downing it all with strawberry-PINK bubble tea...yum!

then we headed back to school when we saw the dog. The Dog. the one that made sharon and i scream the first time we met. yu an and desiree bravely trudged on waving their packets of milo at it. Brave, i say. i wouldnt risk my milo. haha.

alright, i'm gonna pack betty nice and snug now, deep in my bag so she can have a tiny peek at xinyi tomorrow!
p.s. xinyi... i'm sure you're looking forward to it! anyway...look,cute?:
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