Tuesday, 30 December 2008


we took over the living room and watched tv all night! we put lotsa pillows all around our "sleeping area".

today i collected my report book from school, and cleared my locker of my test tubes(which mimi says i wont need in tkgs), and notebooks.
before we left, we gave the uniform to the guards for anna and wei qin. i'm kinda glad i'm freed of all cca practices, homework and camps. wei qin was at camp... GB girls were having cca and choir people too... hehe.

it's the 30th...just one more day to new year's... i dont wanna grow up (i'm a toys R us kid - NOT!!!)....i really actually dont wanna grow old...(yes mel, and wide) haha.... but i know someone who's definitely taking aging in her stride...and she's...

the one and only...
Chloe monoly :) she'll be 9 next year, which would make her 63! wow!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

a christmas unlike the others

today started off with a trip to grandma's, food, watching batman on grandpa's tv which had all the channels a tv could have! then we left for down town east! hehe. mimi and i went twice on the kite flyer, once into the haunted house (very interesting...), on the ferris wheel, roller coaster, and mel went on the car thing.

we baked again! this time it was PERFECT!!! they're chocolate muffins!
:)they're unbelievable.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

christmas eve's here once again

we baked gingerbread men and christmas trees last night! and they taste really gooood.

i doubt we'll be going for midnight mass later. hehe-not that i REALLY enjoy it, but it's fun going to church late at night.ah.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


it's only a week to christmas.... and only 2 weeks to my first day at tkgs....

i'm soo excited! i know i'll miss the holidays once school starts... this has been the best holiday i've ever had!

the last holiday we had,(when we returned to school) we had to write in our journals what we did during our holidays. i didnt write much. but i did write how i wished our holidays would be a totally free one. with no homework, no datelines, no online work, no projects, no cca, absolutely nothing. just free time. nothing to do at all(that involves school, that is.) and i was thinking... nah. it aint gonna happen. not even in a million years. how we wished, though.

so this holiday... my wish has finally come true! and i'm REALLY enjoying myself.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

today's today.

i'm bored. that's what i am. yes. mel went out. daddy, mr. gnome and nick are out.
and i'm bored.
this was what i did today:

1. i woke up at 10- 1 and a half hours earlier than usual
2. i had breakfast (a sausage,a strawberry,2 cherry tomatoes,2 apple-wedges,a leaf)
3. i (with dad)tagged our bikes with the bike tags the management office wanted us to get
4. i took out my chem textbook. but didnt feel like reading. so i put it back.
5. i woke mel up
6. i fixed mel's bed (she promised me a rabbit for christmas and even did the finger-crossing thing so she can't break her promise!)
7. i watched mel cut holes into 2 huge black boards to form a big folder for her stencils
8. i looked around mel's little den and found a pedometer (i was thinking of giving it a good clean up till mel shouted at me.)
9. i used the computer for a while to check some emails
10.lunch was ready. so we ate over some shows which really werent interesting
11.we had cake
12.i made a coffee for mommie and a chocolate milkshake for myself
13.i went on the computer to upload pictures on friendster
14.i checked 2 more emails
15.i told mom i was bored so she told me to change the christmas tree's water so i did
16.i put clean water in the containers and into the fridge
17.here i am blogging now

there you go...the 17 things i did since i woke up this morning.
maybe i should wash my hair now.


Friday, 12 December 2008

swimming that day was the best one EVER!

it was cold, so i dipped my foot in first. nick canon-bolted in and got me all wet. so i decided to just dunk my head in so i get used to the temperature. i swam a bit, with my head up of course! then i figured i should take off the plaster that i thought would protect my scratch from a bike. (it didnt) so i walked real slow to the side so the plaster wouldnt pull at my skin more.

by then, nick was quite a distance from me.

"kim! i think there's some guy there."

"really? ok. wait, let me put on my goggles first."

"omg. what's he doing?"

"oh yeah. he's like tracing his underwater toy or something"

(all these took place while we popped in and out of the water)

"omy. i think he drowned."

"aha. i think so too. there're no bubbles above his head."

"really? let me see.."

(dont forget. we were talking very calm-ly and we didnt think too much of it.)

"hehe. i think he really drowned."

"ok. let's tell the guard."

then we discussed who would tell the guard who happened to walk by. then nick decided to do it. but the guard didnt listen the first time. then he walked back again and nick explained again. then he probably thought it best to get it checked out..juust in case.

then he strolled to the corner of the pool which the boy was in. then he peeped. oh god this was the fun part...

you could see the shock on his face. he started running to the management office and in a second, a whole troop of men followed behind him. then you know... chaos... shout shout shout... a woman (the guardian) panicked and all... then i ran up because i saw daddy's car pass by. the ambulance was behind him so he quickly parked the car and went to have a look. :) hehe. of course!

yeah. so i missed the rest of it:( but daddy said they left and all. ah well. swimming was fun anyway. it was kinda like a little chinese drama:) lady totally mad and all. mimi was definitely excited!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

no one wants the beret... :(so...

After watching Meet the Santas and all the tiny little elves at work, i thought mel should be an elf instead of santa (she's been spotting her santa hat for a long time already)


is she cute or what? presenting... The Elf. (we should get her a bigger workshop, so we can get more pressies!)

Sunday, 7 December 2008

we went trudging past midnight

we were brave. we trudged closer and closer to the boar's cave. (earlier on the boar wanted to take over mel's bed, but we didnt allow it, so the boar retreated to his cave)

we got ready, all prepared with our head gear- our ties. i used my shiny one (used only twice btw..) since this was a special occasion too. (someone could've ended up badly hurt!)

so here's what happened...

we had our share of midnight pie.
we were brave. our momma's gonna be proud.

Friday, 5 December 2008

PL uniform sales!!

so far... a PL jacket's been sold and ALL 3 pinafores too! haha.. so if you're still interested in the shirts, here they are!

1. Lee house shirt- hardly used. only for 2 sports days...not faded!
2. Sec 1 I-discover shirt. only used once for sec 1 camp.
3. PL-lite shirt. too small for me, so hardly used as well.
4. PL celebrates... my mom's favourite
5. Band shirt. my second favourite. i love the floral design above the PL BAND words.
6. Sec 2 camp shirt
7. PE shirt
8.PE shirt
9.Mega-camp shirt

yepediidoo. have fun.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Christmas is coming!

i can't wait for christmas:) ooh... on the 27th last month, we went to ikea to get our live christmas tree, just like last year! mimi thinks it's a rule that has to be strictly abided by. haha.

we also got new golden balls, hearts, stars, and drops. we chose the red ones at first. but mommie insisted that the gold ones would match our old patchwork tree stuff. yeah. it did actually. :)

the holiday is coming to an end soon... aah.. i like holidays. but this holiday's the best i had so far. no homework, no cca, all the time to myself:) that's goood.
mommie's kinda angry now. because mel's taking a long time to bathe and we're supposed to go out together for mimi's massage and to get mommie's pressie. hehe.

yesterday we were at macs. just mommie, mimi, mr. gnome, the pig and i. mom got us to write what we want for christmas on one of the napkins. nick wrote a whole looong list of stuff. his demanding! mimi and i had to crack our brains to think of what we wanted. no.. that's more of mimi. i knew exactly what i wanted-- a CHINESE CRESTED!! heee...
"PRACTICAL wishes." mom.

so, no chinese cresteds for me:(

we settled for :
1. tevas for all (so we can go late night waddling withought getting out bergens wet)
2. chinese cresteds (i insisted to get it on the list. this way mommie would consider a trip to the SPCA hehe.)
3. rubber, inflatable boats (so we can row it in the "lake" in the wee hours of the morning. then we can use nick's lamp to see... ah. cant wait.)ooh. and our oars would be mommie's bamboo sticks with her beige tupperware plates stuck at each end. hehe. innovative ya?

oh. sales of my PL uniform's going good. all pinafores are sold. PL jacket too! shirts anyone?
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