Sunday, 29 July 2007

the dentist "mystery"...

i vaguely remember....
it was a saturday in 2001...
my mom and i left for a dental appointment with my school dentist.
i wasnt a tad bit afraid. :)
when we arrived, a broad-shouldered, huge-sized, middle-aged dentist asked if i were kimberly... "yes..."i timidly answered...i dont know why i was timid....maybe i was just threatened by her size... she was going to work on my teeth. she could do ANYTHING to them. ok. "hey, why dont you take a look at my 3-D picture. spot the animals in it... or you can test your patience by playing this game." she offered. we had to arrange the 5 metal balls, according to their size, in a line on this uneven ground in this box. i have to admit... i was kinda entertained. hehe:) then... it my turn had arrived. "kimberly! come here. let me check on your teeth,ok?" she asked. i so-wanted to say no. it was a question anyway! but, being an obedient, naive and innocent seven- year- old, i complied.

i settled down on the chair and looked at her tools. they looked like drills to me! she dotted my facial moles on her written record and began working on my teeth.

first, she filled my molars with some dental paste. she used the "drill" to do that. oh, and the "drill" not only looked like a drill, but also felt like a drill. ouch. i could feel it's vibrations enter my head...into my brain....eeeeeeeeeeee....... i shut my eyes in pain and tears, like beads, rolled out of my eyes... :'( then... she scaled my teeth. that was ok until she, hopefully, accidentally poked my gums. she handed me a mirror. gosh. what a thing to do to an innocent 7-year-old. i watched the blood flow around my teeth. i was terrified. i could taste the blood. it was disgusting.

that was my first dental appointment in my primary school.

just a few days ago, on the 25th of july, our class went for our dental appointment. the dentist was nice. she, too, showed us her 3-D picture. we could spot the animals. then we were allowed to play the mind- game.... it was getting kinda freaky similar to my primary school experience.


then my turn came. she asked me which primary school i was from and when i told her i was from rosyth, she immediately exclaimed that she was there in 2001. AHHHH! so it could be here! that explained all the games. 3D pictures, and she treated us and all! so... she MIGHT be the dentist who remained in my mind for the past 6 years as the dentist who poked my gums.
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