Saturday, 5 February 2011


School's here and 2011 has been great so far :)

Mimi, Mel, Nick, and I went out today! First stop- SUBWAY:

That was a lunch to remember..
.. especially when we were dining, dressed to the nines-- in our latest collectibles!

Thrills us all to bits when we have these on!

.. even Chloe!! teeheehee..

2nd stop-- Stationery shopping at Prologue, Ion Orchard! Mimi and I grabbed some great buys and matching pencils :)

Last night Mel and I went out in search for the most perfect pair of shoes for school.. but yesterday being the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year, most of the shops were closed! So off to Ikea we went, and back we came with a tea set :)

Here, Mel and I are in the car having a little tea party ;)

And.. Mel posing in her Smoking Smexy Boots!

So today we found my new Adidas! <3

and Chloe couldn't keep her paws off it! too bad it's not your size little shmucker! <3

Here Nick poses in front of a Chinese Lion at Takashimaya!

Mel played our trusty photographer for the day!

*oh my gosh.. mimi is screaming her head off because she's communicating with one hot hunk online ;)*
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