Saturday, 23 February 2008

haha... my first post this year ._.

hi everyone!

i've been too busy to post lately because i had lots of things to do like:

1. joining the sec 1s for orientation, which took up 4 days

2. catching up on work with the class

3. there were band practices (now we're having compulsory sectionals

every week.... fortunately it's not everyday of the week! hehe.)

4. we have sports enrichment every wednesday, which i quite enjoy :)
thankfully i was not put into dancing or fencing or archery... yeah. in other words, i got my 1st choice:) hehe.
5. lots of other stuff which might take a long time to explain.
yeah. also, another reason why i did not blog for a l-o-n-g time was because i didn't know what to write about.

but now i do.

this is De-tail, Chloe's little pal:) and mine too. It's so cute isnt It? hehe. look at this one of It acting cool...
ar..i can't find it. maybe i deleted it by mistake. anyway, you can still see it, by tilting your head to your left, so De-tail looks like It is leaning against a wall.... cool yeah?
anyway this is Chloe in a pot. she loved it. her fur looks really nice in the water. like a polar bear. nice.
ok.. aah...she's so adorable, she's sleeping on the sofa now, among some cushions. imagine this: her fast asleep, dreaming (i think dogs do dream. once i found Chloe whimpering and moving her paws vigorously in her sleep).... way up in the sky.... somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there's a little doggie, waiting to get some treats.
i was thinking of dorothy from the wizard of oz. i borrowed the dvd from school last week. we watched it everyday of the week. it was the original version of the show. a classic. you should watch it too. :)
i was quite disappointed, though, when the librarian said that the show was in black and white. but she was WRONG! haha! and i was happy. hehe. very happy. haha......
alright.. hey! what do you think of the new pe shorts? nana said that it wasnt what she'd think it'd be (or something like this) but it was an improvement. i thought so too. :) fiona, however, doesnt like it. i forgot why.
anyway i was quite happy today. i found really suitable tunes for our english creative component :) yep. yipee! haha. i found a total of 6 tunes, and watched a video showing michael jackson and the home alone guy, throwing what seemed like water balloons over their balcony, to the tune: you've got a friend in me. i thought it was really nice. haha.
ok. i've got to go.
till my next post,
i bid thee adieu!
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