Monday, 10 June 2013

From Kuching to Korea!

June's here again, and I know Mom has much in store for all of us, not just me, the Birthday Girl! ;)

Every year we do something different, and you would never be able to guess! (That's usually why surprises are special.)

Just a year ago, around this time, we had a little adventure in the Land of the Cats- 24 hours in Kuching!

A year ago, I was still busy with school. Holidays, no matter how short, would have been unimaginable! But hey~ I'm Kimpossible!

Mom had it all planned: A Welcome Birthday Tea Party...
Complete with the bubbly!
Having my cake and eating it too - With a river-view to boot!
Noodles are a must-have for all our birthday parties ~ L-o-n-g-e-v-i-t-y
When night fell, it was time to bring out the drinks (just because..)
I mean... I had some birthday balloons, and I'm Lovin' it :)
We had a nice ride along the river, past the temple and some landmarks...
And the sun was shining perfectly during our 24 hours in Kuching!
Life is So Good!
You can say that again!!
So June's here once more, and guess where we're off to this year!
 I'll give you a hint: It's Summer, so I can wear these new shades mummy dearest just got me!
Hint #2: 사랑해요
You probably guessed right! We're off to Korea to celebrate my birthday and I'm stoked. Like I'm learning Korean as much as I can right now to brace myself in the event that we meet our favourite KBS Stars, yknow?

Nah ;) I'm just kidding.. but yknow, it will be useful to know a little Korean, just so I could ask for some 김치 for 김 

Here's a little Korean Tune ~ Summer Day:

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