Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Meat Heat

it all started after watching a tv cook show....

"hey... let's make meatloaf.... i like meatloaf.... " i told mum, even though i've never tried it.. hah.
"ok. but we've got to get the stuff first." mum replied.

it took us a really long time, maybe 2 weeks, to get the stuff. not that they were that hard to find. they were common ingredients like meat, bread, mustard, an egg... we were just taking a long time to get them all together and get started on making the meatloaf.

so... two weeks later... ...

"kim, nick'll only be done at 8.30... dad and i will be eating out with nick." mum said. (she planned to give the little * a treat after tennis. of course... he has to have his treat... how else can he maintain his curvaceous figure? (he has curves in all the wrong parts of his body. heh)

" kim, why dont you make the meatloaf for the rest at home?" mum continued. good idea. i immediately got mimi and mel to help me put all the ingredients together and pop it into the oven.

an hour later, our first meatloaf was finally done. it looked more like a pie than a loaf. but it was nice. :) .. hey, the smilie here is nice. it has a curvy mouth... hehe.

mel, mimi and i had our share and saved the rest for mum and dad.

it was really tasty and dad enjoyed it:)
i like the smilies as much as i liked the meatloaf. :)

anyway... so we've been making lots of meatloaf since:) yep.

* gramlin


it's 5 more days to megacamp. everyone's excited:) we'll be going to pahang and we'll be doing quite a bit of hiking... if i'm not wrong. mum went for the parents' meeting that day and she said that we'll be going to some cave and on a 4-something- buggy :) so wei qin, hwee xian and ruby planned to go together :)

alright. little thing's peeking over my shoulder at my post now. bye!

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