Monday, 29 March 2010

The Bunny on everyone's Lips!

She was flopped in the hook of my arm when i woke up this morning. her smooth, cream coloured fur felt like velvety snow! A Dream Bunny! i thought, first thing when i saw my new little friend.

Seems to me that good things always happen when i'm asleep and last night was a specially good one! mel surprised me with a lovely bunny rabbit with the most gorgeous ears ever!

i've yet to give her a name, but already, everyone's talking about her! what's interesting is that they all ask "does she smell?" and one kindly warned "don't bring her for band this wednesday...or the hungry, greedy bush might just eat her, intestines and all! "
ooh! that's not going to happen, i'm not going to let it. no it willl not!
p.s. dont worry little friend, you're safe with me!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

A pressie from Melly Dearest!

Oh how i love my dear sister Melly so! this perfect pressie came in so handy on such a cold, sunday evening like today! this warm, fuzzy, pink (yes, most definitely, delightfully pink), lovely sweater kept me warm and snug since the moment mel presented it to me last night before supper...(yumm naan and uttapam!)
my cuddly pink sweater hugged me to sleep last night, throughout the freezing car ride to flute lessons this afternoon, during lessons, and back home! i just love my new fuzzy pink sweater... and melly dearest too.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Wanna catch a glimpse of something pretty?
Wanna master the sacred art of pretty-ness?
Simply wanna BE pretty?

Check out my dearest momma's blog! (Clicka on da image!)

Anyway, I've just got my glasses changed, and they're now a real pretty lilac! ;) Lookin' forward to wearing them wherever I go!

Mom's got a picture of me wearing them on her blog!

Bunny hugs, and tulip kisses,

Friday, 12 March 2010

March Hol's

holidays now! but lotsa homework and revision to complete! and, i'll have to go to school almost everyday of the week. maybe the only thing that sets this holiday apart from normal school days is that i get to SLEEP IN...more!!! yipee! ok, maybe a little more before i go for band practices.

today's national geographic has content of much interest to me! there's a write-up on a Ethiopia! (i'm thinking of the littlest hamster i'd own and call Sierra Lone.. because she's going to be a Lone hamster.. so not Leone for this Sierra!) anyway the fun part about this is that, mimi and i watched a documentary on this tribe..and initiation rituals! these initiation rituals include cattle jumping and.....he's gotta be in his birthday suit! we LOVE our national geographic!

yesterday mel and i met for dinner after shcool in jurong point. we had indian food at the Prata Wala! there was a long, snaking queue of hungry patrons and the man in front of us couldn't wait any longer because he was too hungry he left for another eating place-this's what mel claims- i think it was because he was grossed out by the prata man in his glass enclosure flipping prata after prata and splashing oil on them...and rolling out uttapams while his sidekick flattens garlic naan onto a slab before sticking it to the kiln thing! mellios and i had a plain uttapam each (which was a lot) and we shared a garlic naan..we had tea too. mel's hot, mine cold.. as always! i was telling mel about my day and my friends and our adventures....and before i knew it, and hour and a half was over and i had eaten only 3/4 of my uttapam! but was i full! mel carried on with half of the naan while i packed the 2 other slices in a box with extra curry for home! soon, daddy and benji met us and we collected my new glasses! they're lilac and plastic. they're very comfortable and i've been taking extra good care of it! :)

alright, i've to sort out my homework file's quite thick! p.s. i'm glad i completed my collection of 5 uniball pen...they're all matching and fit so nicely in my metal cat pencil case from 2005! :) fazie showed me a nice violet colour i might replace my light blue one with!

till then, bunny love and nose squiggles...(as yu an calls it: squiggly bunny)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sisters are a girl's best friends!

Meet Mimsy, my dear sissy (as in, my sistah, not a timid lil thing).

Sunday, 7 March 2010

chloe's a dog like no other!

first thing this morning, mimi, daddy and i went to the vet with little old coughing, wheezing grandma chloe:)
guess what? she had 2 x-rays!!(which were NOT easy to do..."she keeps wriggling" they had a crowd in the radiologist's room to pin her down and finally they concluded that "she's different from other ill dogs....she's not cooperative!")
seems like there's fluid in her lungs! so the vet decided to put chloe on pills...(p.s. chloe, you're something, even i cant swallow pills!)

Friday, 5 March 2010

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