Monday, 24 December 2007

It's Christmas Eve! Hurrah!

Tomorrow's Christmas and i can't wait! haha... this year for Christmas, unlike past Christmas-es, we have a live tree from Sweden! haha... but in Singapore's weather, it cant survive without ice! so everyday we've got to change the ice under the tree! haha.... but i dont really do that... my sister does it... she's rather....efficient. haha. mum said that it was past midnight that day and Amelia was changing the ice. while i was asleep. hehe. mom was... touched...

Tonight, there'll be Midnight mass, and i'm not sure if we're going...... Yesterday was the first time we went to church in like.,..... i dont know...... 7 months? haha. yep. and it was a new church, because we've shifted! yahoo!!!.... but going to a new church isnt all that good.... we went for the evening mass and found out that it was a Chinese one! argh. so we had to put up with the chinese-y tunes... or maybe only I had to put up with it.... Mel was thrilled... "ooh...there's another c-u-r-l-y part... ah--a (up)---ah (down) ---ah (lower) -- ah (the same pitch as the first ah) " was a little interesting... haha.

i'm finishing the last bits of my homework... the chinese comic about the little prince. i was stuck on it for the whole of December. i couldnt understand a word in the book. but i somehow managed to ...sorta.....finish it.... in the end...... least , something like it. hah

We've been having lotsa band practices these two months... in preparation for the cca fair in january.

oh...last night, i was amused by this video of the birth of 5 adorable maltese puppies. really amusing. they were so cute. like naked mole rats. haha. squeaking and trying to find their way around... haha. there were 3 parts for that video.. then there was a video of them 1 week old and another 2-3 weeks old and 6-7 weeks and finally 8-9 weeks old. they're soo adorable you'd want to have puppies! i, personally, didnt like the idea of Chloe having puppies, as suggested by... people.... but now i think it's quite alright. haha... ah... but Amelia's still not convinced. haha.

ok.... i think i should finish the comic now... haha. i dont want to leave it undone... haha

Happy Christmas everyone.... and a happier new year!

oh... if you wanna view the video, just go to youtube, type in 'puppies maltese' and click on the video called ' Dog birth of 5 cute puppies'

have fun! haha.
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