Thursday, 14 May 2009

i love mushy things

this is 100% pumpkin. skin and all. i love squishable things. they're the biggest wonders of the world!

i love pumpkin,
want some?

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

it's all over now!

econs was our last paper today and we're free for the rest of the week! i didnt know it until zai told me while waiting for dad.
i've been painting my journal's cover... it isnt as pretty as i thought it would be, so i called mel and asked her to get those cheap, sticky crystals to embellish the cover. i've been wanting to do this since the start of mye-s... just didnt have the time to (this was what i thought initially.. i took a really short while then after i finished, i was just painting black over the pink spots to cover it up and match the original colour of the book..and freeing chloe from the kitchen and into it. she's been so indecisive for the past few days... but she's swift! (yep mel, just like dad, just, swift! hehe) she'll keep close to your ankles without you knowing (she makes sure her fur doesnt touch your legs). she's actually really smart. smart little chloe.

i'm waiting for true blood to load on youtube. i opened many tabs so i could watch each episode one after another just like on tv. i missed, i think, 5 episodes because of mye-s. the first day they showed it was like a 3-hour marathon. i was soo soo happy:) hee, so that was 3 episodes. then i missed one because i forgot switch channels when mommie was watching the pingpong show.then the rest, i missed because of exams.. oh no, results will be out soon...:* frimble frimble!

i think i can pass both maths this time round... not sure about econs (hello kitty question! p.s. better if it's pom pom purin) hmmm. chinese was ok until the last passage. so much of your own words:(

hmm, i found someone who likes pom pom purin too!
this is pom pom purin:) he's supposed to be a 12-year old male golden retriever and he always has a hat or a friend(one of the hamsters) or cherries on his head!

jia hui suprised me with her blue pom pom purin pencil..i have the exact on in yello and green! hehe, not many people know little pom pom purin and now the sanrio shops are not selling pom pom purin products... the silly little fluffy sheep-like thing is kicking him out of the market. it's evil, so if you ever step into those sanrio shops and see that evil lamb, snap and punish!
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