Sunday, 28 June 2009!!!

today's the day we will all remember as the day.. kim blogs as a 14-year-old for the last time!! haha. 364 days have finally "creeped" by... ahhha!! i ♥ birthdays...but certainly do not ♥ getting old!

after an afternoon at jurong point, mel, daddy, ben and nick met me with CAKE and NEW SHOES!! then we headed home. much to my surprise...mommie was standing guard at the door with a party popper in her hands...i wasnt looking when "POP" .... :) haha, mommie also had a BALLOON COLONY stuck to the standing lamp:)

i jumped into a pair of comfy boxers with colourful dolphins on them and slipped into my new sneakers! then we had the cake! daddy and i left for gek poh after get little pressies!!

here's what i did when we came back:

Friday, 26 June 2009

Oliver, you, good

Oliver, you're cool. (and will still remain my good friend)
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