Sunday, 29 June 2008

Yeah! it's the 29th of june!

Hey everybody! this is a video mel created for me:) haha.
p.s. mel.... i KNEW you and mum tricked me into looking out of the window.... arrgh...

yesterday we were out... and mel got all our pictures into the video.. :)

here are some pictures from our outing yesterday:
29th june... my birthday!
bubbles! one of my pressies! "MOOSE BUBBLES" the best thing about it is that .......they're pink!
these were the glow sticks we were playing with yesterday, along with the "hundreds and thousands" of glow-in-the-dark stars... we made a wish with every tiny star that we tossed into a glass vase... it was really.... magical.... haha...
this is GollieRab. Mum and Mr Gnome (my big brother who really resembles a gnome... you'll see!) bought this for me while my sisters and i were enjoying our ice-cream treat... i feel really happy when i see her... and now she's sitting pretty on my flute case:)

This was our ice-cream treat at Andersons' i had strawberry and cream, mango, and forest berries (or something...) hehe.. the 3 scoops were such a delight! hhaaa. to think i even finished the "cone-bowl"... haha... oh least nothing was wasted! HAHAHHAHA.... i sound like posh nosh... i know you're smiling mimi! hahaa....
this is the grand, high Mr Gnome.... haaha..
today's pressies....
...and all the fantastic surprises inside... there was a hong bao from mum and dad... a post it note pad and purple calligraphy pen... and the moose, strawberry-cream bubbles! (the bubbles had the same scent as my ice-cream! haha. but they warned: DOES NOT TASTE GOOD. DO NOT DRINK.

hope you enjoyed the video! :)

Saturday, 28 June 2008


it's the start of a new term and we have new lee's our new history teacher... new subjects ....we're doing biology!!!!... new timetables... i LOVE timetables, especially good ones... new friends... from our 3 day 2 night stay at sec2 'we conquer' likes and dislikes... new interests ... isnt that kind of the same? stationery... new styles.... new classes... new files... new (i forgot what i wanted to say after my dog showed up by my side) ... new... EVERYTHING.... haha.

anyway... chloe's been shaved. now she looks like a chinese crested! i love chinese crested. they have totally no hair follicles on their body, except for their head and tail! isnt that so cute? hah. a little bald dog with only hair at its ends... haha.... hold on... i'll try to get a picture of chloe's new look up here....

YESS!!!!!! i managed to... ok. yep. she looks like a chinese crested.

alright... now that i got the hang of getting pictures up here, from my phone, i'll add more pics... hehe. this is my lamb. wei qin gave it to me some time last year in term 4, during chinese paper cutting enrichment. i've been thinking of a name for it all this while... and settled on Miami. since it's a lambi... and i was thinking of how my lambi, works with my-ami... and so it became Miami... which sounds like the state in america! haha. it's fun to think like that sometimes... all the ideas kind of link. haha.

now for another picture...

it's one more day to my birthday.. and this morning, i was greeted by a pressie that my sister left on the dining table...

it looked like this:
it was really cool, there was a wooden rabbit pen that stuck out, of the wooden box! haha..

these were the contents...

they were really nice... the little green thing there... is a wooden, (yes, everything was wooden:) ) green alligator-stapler... see the girl in the background? mel painted that onto the pink towel and rolled it into the box too!

<-- this is mel... (we were at the laundromat and i was playing with my phone's camera... say cheese!) haha. mel, you kinda looked like a chipmunk... hahhahaa..

hey... but she's not only a chipmunk, she's IT -savy... haha. (is this how you spell it mel?) haa.. she photoshoped quite a few pictures for fathers' day and put them together into a book... this was one of me and dad. she popped only red, so part of the background and my mouth pops.... as in the colour, pops. hhee:)

this are my new track shoes! even though they're like just a few months old, they've been to places..... they've gone on an adventure to pahang, malaysia, where they bravely endured a 10hr ride on a bus to reach the campsite for megacamp... they've entered the silent, dense jungles of malaysia as well, trudging throught the undergrowth and keeping their owner safe from leech bites.... these loyal and noble pair even know the importance of education! they've been to school, allowing their owner to learn comfortably, in them... compared to my old, flat, sneakers... who refuse to help me stay balanced on a slippery floor. these pair of running shoes have also braved the dark streets and alleys of jurong, with their reflectors picking up any single sight of light... (i used flash to take this picture of my shoes... it was dark in my dad's car...)
these fine, brave pair have a lot in store for them.... their future will be a bright one.... and hopefully they would not need to walk in the dark again...
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