Friday, 15 August 2008

I'm all alone

Awww..... wei qin and hwee xian have left.... one for home and the other for an appointment.... leaving me all alone for DNT, and IT... two lessons which i dislike ... hmm... oh weelll...that was why i decided to blog. we're in the mac lab. we're supposed to research on blogs or something like that. esther and fiona are sitting next to me, doing the unthinkable..... squeezing a man's pimples! (if you wanna try it out... go to and type 'acne' in the search panel;p) have fun!)


HI MEL! i'm sure you're looking at this post in school now. i know you just adore me and my blog. heheh..:)

we just finished our science common test. it was kinda tough.
how would we know what is in pee?
a) cellulose
b) mineral salts
c) something i can't remember
d) something else i can't remember

my answer... was b. i didn't know if it was right anyway.. haha:-) i hope it's ok. i really want to get good marks for bio... :/

there's been a latest craze for dress up games in our class since last week.. hehe. (again.. it's found at just scroll down the main page and you'll find thousands of dress up games) but it's been disappearing since:( i still like it. it's nice when you dress the dolls up creatively.

yvonne did. so did i:) haha.

anyway i am happy all the tests are over:) now we can finally go home knowing that we can relax... finally... aaaaaaaaah...

however this wont last long.. we all know that. once we come back to school in term 4.. maybe after 2 weeks i think... we'll be having our end-of-years. :( that's study studystudy again. puh-toh...

i wanna go home!

yesterday was daddy dearest's birthday. he turned half a century old. everyone had lana's chocolate cake. but knowing that i didnt quite enjoy it, my great mummy bought 2 cakes- one chocolate, and one mocha:) hehe.

there's still some left at home.

my mom's great.

so is my daddy. hehe. i bought him 2 jetstream pen.

i followed mel to buy him a clockwork space captain from takashimaya a few days ago. it was called The Better Toy Store. they've got lovely toys. most of them are made from wood:)

then we bought mum her lao po peng... hehe. ARE YOU AFRAID NOW MUMMY? HAHA.... I'LL GET YOU MOREEEEEEEEEE!!!!
haha. i like it too... especially when it's thin but not crumbly. sometimes it's not nice. but most of the time it's great.... heheh....

ok. i'm going to see something now.. :) someone was playing this nail art game thing where you can design your own nail polish and model hands and nails! hee...

and once you're done, they'll put the hands on a floral, pink background! whoo-hoo! i'm going NOW!!!!!!!!!!hehehhehhee!
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