Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Just Catching up!

We've been so busy lately! Just last weekend was Mother's Day and we had a surprise getaway in store for mummy dearest! Look this way: Mother's Day Daytripping!

Other days, Ben and I whip up goodies in the kitch ;)
Pancake Day!

Drinks to accompany pancakes!
Anything to keep our Queen happy!
Chloe's all better now after visiting the Vet!
So Milkshakes@Midnight is back... Chloe peeping and all!
Here we are making Zesty-Cheesecake!
Lemony-Goodness, topped off with our Must-Have Luxurious Blueberry-Sauce!
And y'know what Mummy Dearest says to that?

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Mother's Day Weekend is here! And we all know what that means~ surprise after surprise, especially for the Queen of Westwood, our mummy dearest!

Even our orchids seemed to be beautifully in full-bloom, honoring mummy dearest this special weekend! 

I like making early-morning milkshakes for my favourite people (actually I'll make them anytime of the day).

And Chloe got a little tidied up for Mother's Day!

Benji and I got creative in the kitchen and guess what we made for mummy dearest!
Big Bro Ben whisking in more love and kisses!
Light and Fluffy Cupcake Mix!
Don't we all love some Lemony-Zesty topping!
I was so excited to top the cupcakes off with its lemon-fluff, and the cupcakes were still hot, so the zesty-clouds melted into a kind of sauce. But that worked well too! Everyone loved it, mummy dearest was full of praise, and that's all that matters!
So here's a video tribute to The Queen of Westwood, the ever-reigning Queen of our Hearts, Mummy Dearest!

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