Friday, 12 December 2008

swimming that day was the best one EVER!

it was cold, so i dipped my foot in first. nick canon-bolted in and got me all wet. so i decided to just dunk my head in so i get used to the temperature. i swam a bit, with my head up of course! then i figured i should take off the plaster that i thought would protect my scratch from a bike. (it didnt) so i walked real slow to the side so the plaster wouldnt pull at my skin more.

by then, nick was quite a distance from me.

"kim! i think there's some guy there."

"really? ok. wait, let me put on my goggles first."

"omg. what's he doing?"

"oh yeah. he's like tracing his underwater toy or something"

(all these took place while we popped in and out of the water)

"omy. i think he drowned."

"aha. i think so too. there're no bubbles above his head."

"really? let me see.."

(dont forget. we were talking very calm-ly and we didnt think too much of it.)

"hehe. i think he really drowned."

"ok. let's tell the guard."

then we discussed who would tell the guard who happened to walk by. then nick decided to do it. but the guard didnt listen the first time. then he walked back again and nick explained again. then he probably thought it best to get it checked out..juust in case.

then he strolled to the corner of the pool which the boy was in. then he peeped. oh god this was the fun part...

you could see the shock on his face. he started running to the management office and in a second, a whole troop of men followed behind him. then you know... chaos... shout shout shout... a woman (the guardian) panicked and all... then i ran up because i saw daddy's car pass by. the ambulance was behind him so he quickly parked the car and went to have a look. :) hehe. of course!

yeah. so i missed the rest of it:( but daddy said they left and all. ah well. swimming was fun anyway. it was kinda like a little chinese drama:) lady totally mad and all. mimi was definitely excited!
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