Saturday, 13 December 2008

today's today.

i'm bored. that's what i am. yes. mel went out. daddy, mr. gnome and nick are out.
and i'm bored.
this was what i did today:

1. i woke up at 10- 1 and a half hours earlier than usual
2. i had breakfast (a sausage,a strawberry,2 cherry tomatoes,2 apple-wedges,a leaf)
3. i (with dad)tagged our bikes with the bike tags the management office wanted us to get
4. i took out my chem textbook. but didnt feel like reading. so i put it back.
5. i woke mel up
6. i fixed mel's bed (she promised me a rabbit for christmas and even did the finger-crossing thing so she can't break her promise!)
7. i watched mel cut holes into 2 huge black boards to form a big folder for her stencils
8. i looked around mel's little den and found a pedometer (i was thinking of giving it a good clean up till mel shouted at me.)
9. i used the computer for a while to check some emails
10.lunch was ready. so we ate over some shows which really werent interesting
11.we had cake
12.i made a coffee for mommie and a chocolate milkshake for myself
13.i went on the computer to upload pictures on friendster
14.i checked 2 more emails
15.i told mom i was bored so she told me to change the christmas tree's water so i did
16.i put clean water in the containers and into the fridge i am blogging now

there you go...the 17 things i did since i woke up this morning.
maybe i should wash my hair now.

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