Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Christmas is coming!

i can't wait for christmas:) ooh... on the 27th last month, we went to ikea to get our live christmas tree, just like last year! mimi thinks it's a rule that has to be strictly abided by. haha.

we also got new golden balls, hearts, stars, and drops. we chose the red ones at first. but mommie insisted that the gold ones would match our old patchwork tree stuff. yeah. it did actually. :)

the holiday is coming to an end soon... aah.. i like holidays. but this holiday's the best i had so far. no homework, no cca, all the time to myself:) that's goood.
mommie's kinda angry now. because mel's taking a long time to bathe and we're supposed to go out together for mimi's massage and to get mommie's pressie. hehe.

yesterday we were at macs. just mommie, mimi, mr. gnome, the pig and i. mom got us to write what we want for christmas on one of the napkins. nick wrote a whole looong list of stuff. his demanding! mimi and i had to crack our brains to think of what we wanted. no.. that's more of mimi. i knew exactly what i wanted-- a CHINESE CRESTED!! heee...
"PRACTICAL wishes." mom.

so, no chinese cresteds for me:(

we settled for :
1. tevas for all (so we can go late night waddling withought getting out bergens wet)
2. chinese cresteds (i insisted to get it on the list. this way mommie would consider a trip to the SPCA hehe.)
3. rubber, inflatable boats (so we can row it in the "lake" in the wee hours of the morning. then we can use nick's lamp to see... ah. cant wait.)ooh. and our oars would be mommie's bamboo sticks with her beige tupperware plates stuck at each end. hehe. innovative ya?

oh. sales of my PL uniform's going good. all pinafores are sold. PL jacket too! shirts anyone?
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