Monday, 24 November 2008

guess what..

we just went wading. this time, we were more adventurous. we waded in the deep pool :) not the wading pool anymore! the big one! hehe.

we went to the zoo and night safari on saturday. i like otters:) mel likes hedgehogs. they're cute, their little hands and feet stick out of them!

we're going there again next saturday! i'm happy. i just bought my add math book, and my chinese textbooks. they're purple. i would have liked it more if they were pink... ah. but at least it's not blue or green like last year or the year before. i only bought those books. i wasnt too sure if the rest were the right ones. so i'll buy them from tkgs:) i'm kinda excited now. daddy bought my new uniform. he bought 2 sets. so mom said that on the first day of school, mimi and i can wear a new set each. then for the next few days, we can survive on mimi's old ones. :) i cant wait!
hehe. alright. mel's getting grumpy. she wants her computer back. "quick. i've got work to do." yeah. haha. alright. byebye.
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