Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Twin Dresses and Blu Jaz

I'd been meaning to check out Blu Jaz, and got my chance last week! Mel had dinner plans with her friend James, and asked me to come along...

"Only if we wear our matching dresses!" I said, and she obliged!

A photo before we set out!
So off we went, bright dresses to match our mood...
And we were happy recipients of praises on account of our dresses that day... Haji Lane is after all a little fashion statement in itself!
Our first Cab-Shot ever
Walking through the back alley, we came across one of the more prominent big murals, and Mel caught the moment!
"James, Where are you?"
 Blu Jaz is such a cosy joint, perfect for catching up and nice light-hearted conversation :)

I love how they used a headless-plastic mannequin as a lamp-shade-body (literally)...

All the eclectic furniture made for a riot of colour, and it's such a photogenic place! Blu Jaz, you haven't let me down ;)

Ooh Postcards! Mel couldn't resist looking through them!
It was great mid-week fun  playing dress-up with my favouritest che in the world, meeting Mel's travel buddy James, tucking into zesty-lemony-buttery-however-you'd-like-to-call-it-grilled-sammmy, and sipping on some cocktails and beer :D
Before we knew it, it was way past midnight... As they say, time flies when you're having drinks... hahaha, nah, time flies when you're in good company ;) And that I was!

Till next time~
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