Friday, 21 December 2012

Day 2 in Jeju!

Day 2 had arrived and Nick looked bright and spiffy, ready to take in the sights and sounds of Jeju Island :) Breakfast was a simple Korean one, porridge, kimchi, the usual sides... or Japanese styled tofu on noodles. We snacked on the familiar chocolate hexes too, just because they were chocolate. Just the night before we had this drink:
The geniuses! Hersheys comes in drink form now! Grab yours today! Armed with multiple packets of Hersheys drinks and oreos to-go, we left for the Manjanggul Lava Tube!
(The adventure through the cave hasn't begun, my friends, it is just the three of us basking in more open air before braving the dark, cold, walls of the cave)
Ready for a long dark track, laced with tiny fairy lights?
"We should take this route to avoid the creatures!"
"Creatures? Watch out!"
Well, we didn't have much to worry about afterall... especially with this tough cookie on our side!!
We made it out and met this creature made out of volcanic rock! Later we realised that it was the patron saint of Jeju, Dolhareubang, who brings prosperity, peace, and protection to homes :) we couldn't help but bring a pair of these cuties home!
Nick was really excited about these finds and had to post a postcard to all at home from right where the lava tube was! and what a pretty post box this was!
"Alrighties! That's quite a LOT of rocks for one morning! Shall we head to the tangerine orchard next?"
And so we did!
Right smack in the middle of the tangerine orchard was this forlorn looking shed... dilapidated and free from any sign of life. "Hey.... what a good hide-out!" :D
Perhaps... but I think i'll stick to taking photographs >.<
And amidst the tangerine shrubs, was this handsome oppa nicho~ ;)
..the handsome oppa also made guest appearances at the nearby Chocolate Land!
Wouldn't you look at that charming smile... I could look at the for hours on end :) Something else I could feast on for hours on end:
Fresh picks to accompany us on the bus ride to Hana Mountain and the Sea!
Nicky and Mimi checking the seas for any fresh catch for dinner.
Smiles tell me that maybe there'll be some grilled fish for dinner tonight! mmmm ;)
Taking a short break after climbing so many stairs! Oh, please do rest that glorious bum-bum!
Sending some sisterly love all the way from the *top*... *bottom* of the mountain <3
One will never know the joy of walking downhill until he has walked uphill for... almost an hour :/
Korean words someone scratched into the sandy rocks!
We visited some nice little old ladies who live by the sea, and look at their finds from the deep blue sea!
I'm thinking... those would make some really huge takoyaki balls <3 (octopus balls!)
Looking pretty on the rocks, Mimi!
"Oh no, more stairs! But i'll take em one at a time! (what other way is there anyway hmm ;) "
Saying goodbye to Hana Mountain and the sea!
"AWWWWW come on mimi!!! Bask in the sunlight with me! Bask!"
"W nicky, w."
*Mimi striking a pose before take-off*
*Mimi doing what she does best* We just got to adore this sweetie ~
A sister is not a sister without her sister... i just HAD to bear this in mind when fending for our protection when we got trapped in the village! It was a terrifying experience and I'll show you why! First, we were brought to a shed where a pot and motar were laid. We were instructed to do as the Korean ladies had done traditionally, ferrying water in the pot strapped to our backs, all the way from the sea we had just visited, back to the shed. Hence, the pot earned its name as the "Ladies' worry pot". Men only touched it when they demanded a separation from his wife!
This motar was used to grind grains! Oh how laborious it would have been to cook up a tiny bowl of rice!
Also in this village was the habit of feasting on horse! Barbecued, sashimi-style a.k.a. fresh, grilled, steamed, fried, deep-fried, mashed with grains, wrapped in seaweed, sauteed, you name it, they love it.
Poor horses who got old working for the villagers would be eaten. Horses were aplenty in this village.. more so than cows or lamb or pig! That reminds me of Little N. Wilbur. That poor child is destined for the grill. It lives a life in solitude, getting fed just to be fattened up enough for the day it weighs heavy enough to feed many at the grand feast.
This is the village's resident black pig, affectionately named by Nick, Lil N. Wilbur Jr.
Soon, we formed a bond.. Lil N. Wilbur Jr. would respond whenever we called it:
But alas, the said friendship was bittersweet... we knew that one day Lil N. Wilbur Jr. would be taken away to the slaughter-house, brutally butchered and served on the plate to the sheer delight of many. Heart-wrenching, but necessary. Later on that night we enjoyed a hearty meal of bimbimbap and grilled Black Pig. yummmy yum yum ;) Anyway, back to the story of the terrifying village. Maybe I should tell it this way. This is the story of a boy:
His sisters loved him very very much since they were told that that was what sisters were made for.
And since sisters existed for that very reason, the boy loved them back equally. When these children heard of this village's tendencies to consume the flesh of the horse, it worried them so...what were they fed for lunch? How about the black pig they had just befriended, Lil N. Wilbur Jr.? They knew they had to run. They had to be free.
And so, the boy searched high and low for the exits...
"By golly Kim, I think we are finally... FREE!", the Boy said.
One of the sisters checked that there were no horse traps.. or black-pig traps.. and that it was safe for exiting.. and it was!
"Yes! we are FREE!", the sister said. And, they lived happily ever after, The end :)
HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! The three kids decided that if they weren't going to taste some horsey, they should at least feel some horsey while they were around the village! And so they did!
YEEEE-HAWW, a pic before some free-range riding! Run like the wind, Bullseye! What do you do when you find a lone horse such as this one, child?
Befriend it of course!
Alternatively, you could sing sweet christian hymns into its furry brown ear like, "Oh Be Still and know You are... free from my grill~" AT--TENNNNNTION! *whistle* Roll up Roll up! Yea, it's Tough cookie time with Mimi and Kim, with Mimi and Kim, with Mimi and Kim (oop i forgot to mention that the little voice in your head should be reading this in the style of a rap right now... ah, that works better now doesn't it!)
That's the two of us all decked out in army gear before we sign the papers agreeing that any injury acquired during our ride on the ATV (all terrain vechicle) would be entirely our fault since we would be operating it ourselves. yikes. tell me how much scarier that agreement form could make the ATV sound already. Fortunately everyone was safe and sound :) And as though to signal time's up at the horse stables and ATV track, snow fell!
What a magical surprise! Just what we needed after an afternoon of heart-racing activities!
Alright now, alright...I have a confession to make. At the Trick Art Museum, our last stop for the day... I kind of let a Picture pick my nose. I'm sorry it isn't all that hygienic... but the lady in the picture insisted! How impolite it would have been of me to refuse such a kind gesture.. to clean my external nares.. to free the blockage in my nose... to allow a stream of fresh air to gush through the air pipes and finally.. break out into SONG!! "Reaching for something in the distance So close you can almost taste it Release your innovations Feel the rain on your skin No one else can feel it for you Only you can let it in No one else, no one else Can speak the words on your lips Drench yourself in words unspoken Live your life with arms wide open Today is where your book begins The rest is still unwritten" Not only that! I caught Mimi messing with a Fernando Botero-inspired painting ;)
Mimi was also BIGGER than me, threatening to make me her lunch in one picture:
Nick tried stopping a woolly mammoth from causing more damage to the museum than it already had!
And ooh ;) what a lovely head! Reminds me very much of the story of Jenny, the girl who always wore a ribbon around her head, or it'd fall off!
Hells Angel Runaway...caught on camera ;)
So all in all, Day 2 in Jeju was one filled with much adventure, countless amounts of fun, and laughter...escaping from dangerous situations, freeing ourselves from horse-flesh-eating villages, and meeting Lil N. Wilbur Jr. :) I'd live Day 2 again ANY time I desire an adrenaline rush
Survivors of the adventures of Day 2:
Survivors should be rewarded.. and Jeju had just the reward for these survivors: A handsome oppa nicho... and lots of candy ;)
That's it for Day 2! Can't wait for the next post on Day 3 in Jeju!
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