Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Island Bliss!

A levels are over at last.. and I am absolutely free from any form of education from now onwards! That means good-bye to good ol' pens and paper, essays, reading assignments, stacks and stacks of notes... teachers... waking up at 7 and freaking out because it isn't 5am which probably means detention for the day plus the cab fare spent on rushing me to school if daddy has to bring Nick all the way to his school. oh gosh..the list could go on and on forever! Freedom has been kind so far. We basked in the sun in Phuket (my shoulder is golden brown right now), and soaked in the crystal-blue waters of the Andaman sea along the pristine Mai Khao Beach! I'll let the pictures do the talking~ It all began the day before we left, with shopping along the orchard belt, our favourite place:
Mimi and I enjoying some Japanese black pig hot pot rice at Tampopo after grabbing some great buys! Can you imagine the tremendous joy of finally finding all the clothes you need JUST before the trip??? (plus at really good discounted prices! double joy!) And so we left~ on a morning flight to Phuket, tummies filled with the best breakfast anyone could ever have before a flight, MacDonalds! Mummy sure knows the best way to our hearts! ooooh, that's why i love her so~ now hand some hashbrowns over!
As royal subjects of the Queen of Westwood, we get treated to lunch with her highness :) here's Nicky tucking into some pie for lunch!
What's a holiday without shopping hm? Off to the markets!
Mel couldn't resist dancing in the warmth of the sun-set... what a breath-taking sight!
Soon, our tummies told us it was time for dinner, Thai-style:
What better way to end the day than by hitting the bar hm ;)
The view from the breakfast table the next day:
During our stay at the JW Marriott resort, Ben looked forward to meeting his new buddies, Lucky and Yaya, the twin baby elephants!
Nick wasn't too excited to receive friendly kisses from the baby elephant Lucky!
me neither.. his trunk was just too wet and curious. Looking ravishing before the Siam Safari Tour!
mimi striking a pose! ....Even on the Elephant!
well, guess who had the special privilege of riding the elephant with the Queen? ;-) oh yea you guessed it alright.... ME! heee <3 the mahut was nice to stop our elephant for a while while i snapped shots of mummy with the picturesque view of Phi Phi Islands!
Ben, Mummy, Mimi and Nicky saying "Sawadhikha" to the elephants and feeding them bananas, pineapples, and watermelon slices! The elephants and their mahuts led us to our next stop, but that wasn't without some forest tracking!
Mel, the forest fairy, found her spot in a little magical corner with curly vines! She's going to put a spell on you~ After some traditional Thai Coffee, Tea and Pancakes, this kind, strong bull brought us on its rounds around the rice padi field where it works in the morning!
"Riding the bus with my sister~" Bus to the ferry where we'd have a sunset dinner cruise!
Teppanyaki for supper to end the night!
Mel picking her chopsticks!
"too many choices!"
Exploring the resort:
we hunted....
and hunted...
and found....
A HANDSOME OPPA NICHO! =>.<= heee.... nahh.. we found Yaya, the baby girl elephant taking a swim at the beach!
But alas, it was time to say goodbye to Phuket and head back home!
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