Thursday, 4 April 2013


The Hitchhiker's Guide to...


It's only Day 2 of our Taiwan Trip, but it feels like we've been to so many places!

In less than 24 hours, we've already been all over Taipei! Two night markets... Taipei 101... One hot spring, the popular Yonghe Doujiang King breakfast spot, and even the Maokong Gondola where we sipped traditional tea with a great view of the sunset over Taipei... Despite the little fog cover these nights, we had a sweet little corner at a teahouse to watch the city lights begin to shimmer at nightfall!

For our hot spring fix, we headed to Wulai, 烏來, this morning where we hiked up the "Lovers' Trail" -- ooh la la, right? -- and traversed an old railroad, soaked with some oldies in the hot springs, and met many furry sweethearts! I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Bamboo Rice - bamboo stuffed with rice and yummy mushroom and nut goodness!

Yiying and I meeting a certain furry friend... (note his lion tail).

Dogs just know the way to a girl's heart! I was so surprised when he put his paw in my hand! (All of a sudden, I prefer him over the smaller baby ones we saw in the Raohe Street Market last night..) 
This white puffball was acting all cute to gain Mel's attention! We really did want to save him!!!

The Wulai Tram wasn't in service today, so that meant a nice late morning walk to the waterfall...
Hmm... right now we're catching up on the local drama series we discovered on TV last night! Gee, I guess I'll leave my raving about the Raohe and Shida night markets for my next update ;)
We picked up some pretty buys at Shida, and oooh I had a ginger pearl tea that was divine!

We're hopping on the high-speed rail tomorrow and off to "the Phoenix City" in the South... I'll write when we get there!
Sending some Love from 台湾...
Kim, Mel, Yiying

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