Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fun with Mum at Home!

Today has been a day of many "firsts"!

I'm trying out my new Blogger-app-on-mobile, and it's quite different blogging from my phone rather than on my computer. So that's the first first.

Also - Mummy dearest filled my wild-rice-breakfast-bowl with a generous serve of fresh green avocados! (Not quite a first)

WE PAINTED BEN's room YELLOW! By ourselves! Just Big Bro and I! :D it's turned out more of a summery yellow than a cheesey shade. But yellow is yellow, and Ben is happy!

Choosing the Right Yellow!
Oh yes; Pancakes :) it's raining again as all Maundy Thursdays do, and Pancakes are the best snack for rainy tea-time sessions. (I know we'll have Hot Cross Buns for supper tonight!)

By now, Ben's yellow walls should be dry, and mummy knows just how to reward good children!! A man in brown came earlier in the afternoon with a delivery :D mummy kept that box unopened till Pancakes were all finished and allowed me to open up the surprise! 

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