Wednesday, 20 March 2013

1,596 miles and a whole lot of make-believe...

My favourite travel pals - Mom, Ben and Mel - whisked me off on a magical March trip for the week, and of course there were smiles to be photographed and memories to make, and who could think of a better place to make happy memories than ... the happiest place on earth... Disneyland! March along, happy people!

 It all began with a short flight
just 1,596 miles along...

And one of the perks of evening flights...
catching the sunset close-up!

I bet you're curious, and I'm happy to share! (Also, photos take way too long to upload themselves on Blogspot) So I thought this little slideshow would get us all in the magical mood for Disney!
Sing along, cos I know all the lyrics!

From running around in my new frock in Disneyland, to lazily traversing the "Grand Canal" at the Venetian Macao, I sure did my fair share of make-believe!
Ah, the world of make-believe! It's an art instilled in me by my Mom, who always makes me feel like I'm living my own little fairytale!
Here we are! The regular check-ourselves-in-the-mirror shot, juuust to make sure we've got our best faces forward!
I definitely savoured every moment! It's not every morning you wake up to such a view! (I did for quite a few mornings!)
My favourite twirl girls geared up for a day out!

I do believe those funky glasses aren't quite Mel's style, but hey - 3D movies call for fashion sacrifices every now and then!

And of course... even Disneyland wasn't spared the usual mayhem! Make-believe often goes hand in hand with m-i-s-c-h-i-e-f!

Ah, the usual "OOH!" when you come face-to-face with Disneyland!
Of course, it's Ben's favourite place! 
We've been there more times than we can count, but it never gets old! PLUS, they've got a brand new cowboy-themed land called Grizzly Gulch. We rode a wild-wild-WILD roller coaster but no pictures of that cos I was busy screaming myself hoarse!
(If you ever find yourself on a roller coaster next to my big brother Ben, and you look over at him midway through, you'll find him calm as a baby bear! Look at him in this photo... a picture of calm. Yes, he holds this too-cool-for-school face throughout the ride! I have no idea how he does it... that amazing Ben...)

Here I am just dizzy (really dizzy!) with excitement! Yes, I was that happy! Wanna know why? This here is the sweet spot for Wifi someplace in Macao ;) And also because I just had a great bowl of dessert, and we were on our way to a gondola ride! Happy things all around...

Soooooo, stay tuned for more quick-travels! Ben picked our next holiday, since we picked Hong Kong. And guess what Benji picked? Hmm...
I'll give you a hint... some call it the Queen City of the South!
See ya there ;)

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