Sunday, 17 March 2013


Hello, สวัสดี from Bangkok, กรุงเทพมหานคร, Thailand! 

Here're Mummy Dearest and Benji at tea-time before jetting off!
You just can't separate a Queen from her Cup of Tea!
Finally! Arriving at the Bangkok Airport!
Benji and his Yellow Luggage (perfect to match his Yellow Suits)
I spy with my big dolly eyes..A GREAT HOTEL!
You bet it was! How grand it was to have a walk-in-wardrobe-and-bathroom, with walls lined with full-length-floor-to-ceiling mirrors! Plus, the bathroom/dresser was almost half the size of the entire hotel suite.. i think that just makes for The Perfect Hotel Suite Award.

Authentic Thai cuisine, fit for a Queen!
Time for Dinner and..Which better choice to make other than dinner at the Thai Restaurant!

Desserts with SO many toppings?!

What makes us happy most? SHOPPING!
Checking out the buys!
Accessories sure light up our faces as much as they do our clothes!
The mall's a jungle, & only the best survive ;)
.. unless you're lucky to find Superman!
..or have a doll-face like mummy dearest!
After hauling back the large catch... cocktails were just what we needed! Refreshing :)
Benji and Melly all ready!
And to loosen up those muscles, a treat - Traditional Thai Massage!
Thumbs up for a lovely time!
Sweet Perks for a Suite Stay!
Refreshed and rejuvenated, (especially after sleeping in) Breakfast in bed!
Drinks by the pool bar Ben?
Yea, he'll need it... just to brace him for the hours of shopping-fun to come!

As every holiday goes... a new addition - just to pack all that shopping
Supper after an entire day of shopping (what better way to spend time in Bangkok other than shop right?)
Pretty Cakes shared out by my pretty mummy :)

Ben's all packed and ready to go!
The Queen's waiting in the lounge on the grand high throne... and GIRLSSSS?
we're comingg... wait for us!
i had a nice nap on the way back... waking up was kind of wonky though
Reunited and it feels so good!
Shopping in Bangkok was fantastic, unpacking... was impossible!!

Next destination: We head towards China's Southern coast, Land of lots of Food and Home to everything Good, 香港, HONG KONG! We'll also catch a ferry to Macau, and experience a little bit of Venice during our stay at The Venetian! Till the next blog-post~
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