Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Day 5 ~ Mt Sorak!

The snow was falling gently on our skin and the ski slopes were in the prime of their existence, we just had to ski today:)
So we went about with the ski equipment rentals:
Traded in our sneakers and what-nots for ski boots:
And went on our way ;)
Are ya ready, kids?
Let's hit those wintery slopes!
Always remember to stretch:
Mimi getting her boots fixed to skis:
Snow angel mimi!
Watching Nicky whizz by on his ski...
Snow hair!
After lunchtime, it was some shopping at the premier factory outlets!
Really thick snow!
Time to hit the roads again to do some strawberry picking!
But the road got really icy and the ground was extra slippery and dangerous to walk on... so we kept the visit hasty for our safety >.< (rhymes!)
After battling the cold for almost the entire of the day, it was about time we settled by a heater and warm up :)
What a perfect time for ... Kimchi-making!
Nicky tasting some Ginseng Milk!! he gives it a thumb's up ;) not two thumbs though ..Fresh milk's still the best says this Farmhouse milk poster-boy
Round the corner was a little room where we could play Korean dress-up before dinner!
Hotpot with succulent pork slices and fresh strawberries for dessert afterwards make Nicky happy :)
Because it was late-night shopping day, shops opened till 4am (if i read the sign correctly haha):
We headed back to our hotel that night really happy, armed with many many presents to give away when we returned :) Just in time for Christmas! <3 Merry Christmas!
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