Monday, 24 December 2012

Day 4 ~ Everland & Mount Sorak!

A new day had dawned and this trio were to leave Jeju for the airport. Next stop: Mount Sorak! Blanketed in fluffy snow, Mt Sorak made for perfect ski fun! And that was exactly what we did, spending the night at the ski resort way up on the mountain.
Though the air stewardesses were really nice on the flight, bringing us drinks to keep us refreshed.. we were just really in need of some un-korean food (maybe for a teeny-weeny bit, just to break the record of 3 full days' meals being korean, not that it was bad, just that perhaps a little variety would be helpful... we thought.. or rather, nicky thought, especially after a 3 hour bus ride from the airport to Everland, our fun-stop before Mt Sorak)
Nicky tucking into some spaghetti and pork chops at the Venetian-styled restaurant at Everland! YEA! We finally made it to Korea's Disneyland! It was really nice how the fries weren't actual potato fries, but more like chewy undescribables which soak up the chocolate sauce they provided by the side (yummm!). And to beat the chill, hot chocolate's always the way to go~
Energized once more, we explored the grounds :) It was split into two - the zoo and the theme park! To gain access to either, we needed to take the Ski Lift!
That could just be the new converse ad... nah ;) i'm kidding >.< So once we alighted, guess who surprised mimi!!
Many Many Oppa!! They smiled after mimi passed them by >.< Mimi's got those shy lil grown boys twined around her finger!
Surveying our surrounds, this shop caught our eye and we just had to take a look! Look at all the amazing finds!
Mimi, the Rock Star.
Me and my bunny-bounty.
Mimi and her adorable bear ears >.<
This plushie reminded me of Chloe when she was still a 3-month-old pup!
Playboy's head-hunting this one ;)
Kitty-paws and muffler sets! All set for a feline adventure! Feline adventure it was! and, quite a Biggie, if you know what i mean~ We caught up with the Big Cats: Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh my! (just that bears aren't big cats, or cats for that matter.. but you know, just for the tune Dorothy and her friends from Wizard of Oz sang...)
A single lion lounging with his fellow female counterparts on a lazy afternoon~
How lucky to be able to cross paths with an elegant white tiger!
No prizes for guessing who i am: I love honey, especially while rolling on my tummy!
He's a REAL sun bear >.< Because he could stand on his hind legs, mummy thought he might have been a man in a costume! Mel decided that it had to be a "creature wearing fur." How wise ;)
Oh! Did you know, apart from Egypt, Camels exist in Korea too? haha, only in Everland... where a special sand track is created for their camel :)
Some pre-KFC:
Bunnies in their play pen!
BAAAH you say? lil Bo Peep has lost her sheep... they're in Korea afterall! Bows and all!
Nicky, triumphant, after finally finding his penguins! What penguins? Jackass penguins.
Now for some street shots: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow~
When it turned dark in the evening, the entire Everland seemed to morph into a whole new world :) The wonder of fairy lights and sparkles... When it started to get a little colder as dusk fell, we took a nice slow drive out of everland to the nearby barbecue restaurant and feasted on some succulent korean meat (beef... lil N. Wilbur perhaps). Only then were we able to check into our new home for our stay at the ski resort :)
It was beautiful in the most zen and clean-cut fashion.. what was more welcoming was the fact that the Bidet even had a warm-up function which offered a comfortable, warm, friendly seat for any cold-bottomed being :) Now this is what I call home ;)
Of course, we had to check out our house's balcony: the floor was covered in snow, soft and fluffy like a woolly quilt.. just not as warm >.< this balcony overlooked the ski slopes which we would brave the next day ;)
And, what better way to end the night than with some korean ice-cream huh! Better yet~ enjoy it on the balcony in the open cold, and your ice-cream suddenly turns everlasting! Sweet how we could turn a little of our new home into Everland ;)
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