Thursday, 16 December 2010

Band Fest, Swensens, Ben's Grad Night!

The past week has been a busy one. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

First off, The Junior College and Polytechnic Band Festival 2010:

AC bandmates in the Wagner Band :)

AC bandmates with AC, Adrian Chiang

AC Bandmates with our muse ;)

the Wagner Flute Section!

Ezzul, Bryan, me :)

me on picc!

me on flute!

FLUBOES: me, Cherry, Mag

"Wait! i'm still doing my hair!"

Cherry and I in the dressing room:)

Aby and I, after the concert! For this festival, we were separated! Aby was in the Holst Band while i was in Wagner! Well, hopefully next year we'll be able to play in the same band :)

i must say how a meal at swensens could end off the week in the most splendid way.. especially with my two favourite playmates, Mimi and Nick!

Mimi and I, waiting for our Sundaes! Doesn't Mimi look great in her new sunnies?

The result of too much ice-cream. imagine 3 extremely full kids sharing 4 gigantic servings of Sundaes. O.O
guess what happens next?

..ending up with chocolate on your nose! and it only gets better!

"Hand me those serviettes! WHAT? NO MORE? aahhh" *rummages through his bag in search for a lifesaver (by now, the chocolate was dripping down his nose;) )* fortunately, mimi came to the rescue with her wet wipes!

Then came the day of Ben's Graduation ;)

My Big Brother Ben looks grand in his suit!

The King and Anna... Picture Perfect!
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