Wednesday, 1 December 2010

December the first!

December has come..finally!! Our pal from Sweden has settled nicely in a corner of our home by the piano, surrounded by the christmas-y train set, and remains anxious to get dressed! here she is:

just a few nights ago, mimi and i were enthralled by the grace and virtuosity of Emmanuel Pahud, principal flautist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra! not only that, he was stunning.. looks-wise and playing-wise.

and here i am, with Emmanuel Pahud.. all smiles!

the original plan.. and the most ideal picture... would be of mimi and i flanking his sides.. but that was not to be when the warden refused to help us take a picture. then mimi, ever the angel, made the hugest sacrifice any sister could ever do.. >.< ohmygosh i just LOVE MIMI!! <3

so by the end of the night, we had two autographed CDs, the picture, truckloads of fun, and a reallly happy Kim:) as for mimi.. she has moved on in her search for the perfectly good-looking guy.. currently, it's been the hong kong actor in the 7 o'clock show, or believe it or not.. Mr Shokubutsu (Elvin Ng)

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