Friday, 7 November 2008

my first update since august!

i wish we didnt have holiday homework.i finished all the online math ones. and the science ones.but i'm not sure if we have to do the textbook's questions.

ooh! mommie bought me tiny markers yesterday from borders! hehe. i'm happy. they're tiny, but work really really well. so i found a tiny book to use the tiny markers. and inside the tiny book, i drew tiny pictures, using only the tiny markers.and inside the tiny book,in which i drew tiny pictures, using only the tiny markers, was...was... honestly i don't know yet... i only started drawing today. hehe. i drew 2 kinds of flowers already. an orchird, and a tiger lily. heh.

i'm gonna watch the nanny now. byebye!

oh yeah. i changed my blog's background. :) haha. i'm happy!!

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