Sunday, 9 November 2008

it all started with just a simple walk...

mimi, chloe, mel and i just came back from a walk. once again, we forgot to bring our plastic bag (you'll find out why we needed one in the first place, later on). but we were quite a distance from our house.. so we thought "nevermind. it's ok." as usual. haha.

so we were talking about the steiff bears we bought from the teddy bear show today at tbe arts house. mommie got me a little bear dressed in a rabbit's suit! and it's a keyring! haha... just that i don't know where to put it. (there were lots pretty bears and animals! lotsa quite hedgehogs too. there was one that rolled into a ball in a fit of laughter if you tickled it's belly. squeeze it's ears and it'll stretch out again!

there was a really adorable bunny... with a dress! it had the most beautiful smoky eyes and if not for the dress, i'd think it was real! unfortunately, they're all one of a kind or dada dada... so it's very expensive :( )

yeah. then we walked past a guard and that was when chloe decided to do it. yes. number two. very smart of her. doing her little doo-doo in front of the guard. so mel had to use a leaf like a poop-scoop to pick to poo.
"actually if your dog do in front of me, i won't care. just that people will say. so i must tell you to pick."

and what we heard was..

"yada yada... i'm acting like i'm a big shot."

yeah. so right after mel picked it, she threw it, leaf and all, into the nearby bush...right next to the guard. hehe... now he won't have to answer the pesty- nosey "people"! hahaha>.<

then. we carried on walking....till we reached the wading pool.(don't know why people like calling it the baby pool. babies don't swim! and it'd be really dangerous for them to..haha. but you know. we don't like them. so, on second thought, calling the pool the baby pool, isn't so bad. :) )

i suggested that we just stick out legs in the pool, since mel had a mosquito bite on her leg and we were wearing shorts. mimi was wearing a skirt. so she stayed out with chloe. chloe just had her bath. so we didnt want her near the pool. mel and i were so happy to walk in the cool, dark pool. there were steps. so we folded the ends of our shorts at every step just to keep them dry...they never did in the end. know why? hehe...

mel was dumb.
i asked her if she could touch her toes in the pool.
mel, touching her toes: "ya! can:) you're just trying to get my elbows wet right?"
kim, touching her toes: "no...haha. but can you really? because i can't."
mel, trying to prove herself: "hehe! i can!"

and kim did not say anything because she knew what to do... she dug her hand deep into the water and pushed it up towards mel.... and ...

mel, shocked: "oi! kim! i knew you were going to do that! "

i got her hair, shirt, face, and most of her shorts wet. hehe. i was so satisfied.

then mel grabbed her shoes and tried to get out of the pool to get revenge. but of course i was faster and i ran off much faster. so i didnt get wet :) hehe.

yeah. so that's how our walk went.

mel might write about this. she said she won't. but you never know what she has up her sleeves.
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