Friday, 27 April 2007

We've WON! We've WON!

We've won the sec 1 level story telling-competition! Sha and i have won! yeah! hurray! this is the second time i've won a story-telling competition/ public speaking thing... :) yeah! Sha and i were exhilarated when they announced the results... wanna know what we won?

ok... we won a $10 popular voucher...well, it's not the voucher i care about. i was just happy that we won and that we won this particular girl who was also participating. i'm not gonna tellya who because its not very nice.. but dont worry...its not someone from our class. (phew) and its not janel( hehe ..hi my new-found friend/"neighbour" haha) neither is it the girl with the gypsy's name..( yep Esmeralda, the gypsy from the hunchback of notre dam) nope its not bindhu.. hiya bindhu:) i hope you dont remember who else was backstage with us... hehe ( p.s. but even if you do, its almost impossible that you could possibly find out who she is...hahaha)

anyway, it was fun! goodnight! hahaha!
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