Sunday, 18 March 2007

It's back to school tomorrow

Time flies... the holidays passed by too soon! so it's back to school tomorrow, back to lugging those heavy bags ( i don't like stuffing books into my locker...especially on Mondays, when my flute fills the locker) , back to lessons, back to the morning jogs. ARGH! oh and we'll be having malay enrichment every Wednesday after man... and that will be for an entire hour!
BUT if i look on the bright side, it's gonna be back to new topics( tomorrow is the start of a new term and we'll be doing literature! yeah! bye-bye geography for the year! hurray!) , back to our spacious air-conditioned hall, back to our friends, back to our after-school-activities...and much more! i can't wait to get back to school! cya!
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