Sunday, 4 March 2007

when we are left in a dilemma..well something like it

Oh my gosh! you don't know how much of a scare i got when i couldn't login! i don't know why... but i either kinda forgot my password or i just had all the passwords i have, mixed up. i really thought i had to get yet another blog...( this is my second... hehe) so i tried logging in more than 25 times with different passwords, but to no avail.. :(
However, miraculously, i managed to log in! AMAZING, isn't it?

on friday, the second of march,2007 , at exactly 1245h, our Geography teacher--we all know her by now she is the one and only: MISS TAN. She entered class with a stack of test papers and her laptop--- clues that immediately told us, students of class 1-3, that she was going to return our geog papers to us or something like that. " Good morning girls...( we replied) .. now , when i call you, please, come forward" miss tan hollered as she took her seat.
Silence filled the class. there was a cold and hostile atmosphere in our classroom. we were terribly afraid. then she called out the first name. the girl then stepped up and miss tan spoke to her. after their little talk, the girl left the classroom as instructed , for her lunch. she was told not to have any interaction with any of us. that made us really,really nervous. this went on for many other girls. they left one by one. my friends and i had been discussing why she was calling our classmates out. we came to a conclusion that she was calling those who had merely failed by a few marks and she was just trying to help them get a few more marks to pass. that was rather kind...actually... anyway, some of my friends and i were rather fortunate not to be called out. but we were told that we might also be unfortunate and not be called out because we failed badly... well we'll have to wait for tomorrow to get our results... we'll all just have to keep our hopes high!
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