Monday, 21 May 2012

The coolest things always have to happen during the busiest times in the school term! I've been having way too much fun editing and decorating photos, the mid-year-exams almost slipped my mind >.< whoops~
Mummy dearest brought the girls and Benji for a lil getaway... so, Mimi left her precious MacAir in my hands ;) "Take care of it, promise?" "Of course I will mimi dearest! can i use it too?" *thinks for a bit* "okay." this resulted:
she'll be pleasantly surprised by her desktop wallpaper:
and... her reaction will be as such:
then when she sees the stunning photo of melly dearest:
she might decide to permanently let me keep her com in good, safe hands ^,^ and more picture-fun will come our way!
well... i think that'll take a while. p.s. i should probably win some brownie points with her and hit the books while waiting ;)
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