Thursday, 11 November 2010

Almost the end!

Well, I tried having an early night. The house was so quiet, maybe that was because mel wasn't home yet. So I decided to stop figuring out my chemistry qn and catch up on some extra hours of sleep which I greatly lack!! *drama,drama* ok. Truth be told, I enjoy excess sleep compared to my siblings. I'm usually the first to bed :)
So just as I typed that, I realized why I'm still wide awake listening to 92.4 in our room. Pfft. PYCNO!? I just finished an entire bottle of it before attempting to sleep! Aah. No wonder. That energy giver seems to mainly work at night! I remember the first time I drank Pycno was also at night. And I was wide awake till 2am! Gaah.
Ooh;) mel just stepped out of the washroom!
Hmm, right. Not to get distracted- the title of this blog post is almost the end.. Of the 'o's that is! I've just 2 more papers to complete:) chemistry mcq and biology mcq! "It's been a rough climb, a journey never to be forgotten." Oh my, cheesy cheesy cheesy. That was totally inspired by all the motivational talks school puts us through. Aah. What rubbish. 'o's is just an exam you sit for to find out how much exactly you've learnt in your 10 years of s'pore education. Haha, it's a huge pain in the ass anyhow! It's like studying like you've never studied before. Gosh.

Well I have stuff to look forward to after my 'o's! It really helps that Christmas is in December too! (don't you just love Christmas!? Hee..)

Mommie said we'll go christmas tree shopping the moment I complete my last paper.. On Monday, 15th nov at 3pm <3

Then there's movie night to anticipate too! Mimi and I have been talking. *on our daily night walks with Chloe, that is. Hahah. We have a plan to borrow all sorts of movies- classics, chick flicks, musicals and more! We'll laze on our cosy couch and enjoy! I love our couch.. My ass has been deprived of it since.. since.. I've forgotten when!

Oh, also, Nick has procured R.R.R! Yipeeeee. Watch out for more dancing, swinging, yelping in glee and more!
Speak of the word- glee!! I have to catch up on Glee episodes!!

I will also help my mommie dearest with household chores :) I bought some lovely pink rubber gloves! That'd bring doing the dishes to a whole new level!!

Mel's doing her hair now:) and my eyes are starting to get strained.. I'm looking over to Mimi enjoying her cucumber-on-eye 'facial' as she calls it. Hmm. Now if only this app would allow me to upload photos, it'd be perfect.

aah, here it is:

Till the end of my 'o's,
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