Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Today daddy's gonna pick up our tickets to sydney! we're going to meet mel and stay till new year's! so i guess WE will be a huge new year's day Present for mommie and daddy! mimi's been planning the itinerary in great detail and we're going to the Blue Mountains Nature Park where there's a wildlife park and there'll be caves, like the Jenolan Caves plus, mimi organised a 4WD (4-wheel-drive) trip! but the BEST thing would be the 8 hour flight from Terminal 3 in Spore! 8 hours- we can really do lots! also, it'll be an added adventure since our flight'll be in the MORNING! I really hope we wont be late like i always am for school.. if only the airport was in the West! but it's ok. we'll probably be sooo excited we dont sleep! just like that day when mimi, mom and i stayed up from 1am - 7am to watch the first 10 episodes of Together, the new chinese show! hhaa.. mimi was definitely gawking at Mr. Shokubutsu. i'm sure.
haha. and i created a WeeMee while waiting for mel on skype.. she didnt turn up but that's ok, because i dressed my WeeMee up like CRAZY! HAA.

i packed mel's luggage for Canberra and sydney and guess what! i ziplocked so many things they looked like the sausages in vacuum-packed bags! xinyi shared with me before her holiday, that she uses a ziplock vacuum.. but i was thinking that that might be expensive and unnecessary. so while packing mel's clothes, i came up with a BRILLIANT IDEA!!! i was just rolling all the Tees into neat rolls and placing them neatly into the large ziplock bags..when...aha! i sealed the bag till 3/4 way through and held tight. then i sat on the "inflated" bag and squeezed the excess air out! it was PERFECT! all the "creases" were intact too! anyway i'm definitely going to pack amelia's, nick's and mine! to think all this started with mel's winning the writing contest! MEL! WE LOVE YOU!!and daddy too. WE LOVE YOU DADDY! p.s. we know this has cost you a bomb!
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