Thursday, 17 December 2009

bags- CHECK!

all our bags are packed, and we're ready to go...

i actually took pictures of my neat stacks of tees and shorts and boxers.. so i could have like a "before and after" picture thing:) but... just as i wanted to upload the pictures to the computer.. i realised. shoot. i packed the transfer wires into my pompompurin bag in the depths of my luggage.. but it's ok, i'll upload it together with the holiday pics! :) i'm really excited. so is mimi. and nick.

yesterday i helped nick "de-code" his luggage-strap lock. you have to hold on to the button as you change the code. but nick accidentally released the button, setting the code to something he forgot. tsk tsk tsk. so he scurried to daddy for help. of course, daddy couldnt help him.. his fingers are way to big! so i decided to help nick. it's really, actually, very simple! you just need to click the sides while testing out the different numbers. there're only 9 numbers, how hard can that get, right? but this has to be done while the snap button's up, or that, you really will have to try all the combinations 0-0-0 till 9-9-9, that would be a joke:)

believe it or not- mimi and i packed a total of 58 threadless tees, just for 14 days. 58. and mimi still wanted to pack more. for bottoms, i only packed 3 denim shorts and 6 new air-force shorts,we got from the army shop before dinner yesterday. all shorts, because i dont wear jeans. nope. although mom tried to make me wear jeans for tomorrow when we leave. heh! i told mommie that i'd be too she said ok- pack whatever you want, so long as you are comfortable:) and meanwhile, mimi's packing like 6 or 7 pairs of HEAVY jeans. seriously! that's one reason i never like jeans- they're so heavy!

the plan so far, is that we'll sleep early today like at 8pm and wake up at 3am:) then we can get ready and leave for T3:) we'll settle down with breakfast and then.....we'll leave!

mom said that she'll have to take care of chloe while we're gone. so mimi kindly bathed chloe last night- or was it night before.. so that chloe wont stink up for the next 2 weeks. she usually gets a weekly bath. but looks like this time, she's gonna have to wait!
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