Wednesday, 5 August 2009

band was cool-er today:) sharon, yu an and i found out how fun it was playing the sec 1's song: stand by me... just a little different! haha. we totally chineseified it more! since it was already 100%chinese sounding, like jap-pop nah. korean-pop. nah. chinese-pop or something.. so we added in the chinese counting (yi, er, san!), the head bobbing while playing, not to forget the aug2nd trills (gives a really oriental sound!) and the additional "woops" and "yoyo" from desiree..and maybe baoyu and anabel.. hah:) yu an and i figured this song had lots of potential on saturday! during band practice! we were playing it as a band with the sec1s..and then when we reached this section of the piece.. it was too kanto-pop-ish sounding we couldnt bring ourselves to play it..yu an kept casting me looks and all!but for the record, we forced ourselves not to laugh but to play...and today! we played it, as they would call it- chinese to the max. haah.

meanwhile, mnm's are the best. ♥mnm's. get yours today!
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