Sunday, 22 March 2009

Coast- clear.

it's been quite a while now... and tmr's first day of term 2! (oh no).. i've been busying myself with homework the past 2 nights.

mel's leaving tmr "to buy phonecarrrd, * * * " uahaha.. melly, pack me in a zip-lock like the rest of your things too (just dont squeeze out all the air)? i'd go on a holiday anytime! mel, dont forget who's been the nice-est to you recently..and who packed your rempah udang hehe. i WAS neat wasnt i? neat little rolls, full of colour hmm. i wanna do it again! i would have uploaded pics, just that my hands were too sticky to take any pictures then. (muahahhaha!)

i just completed all my a-math qns in the afternoon:) then i watched kite runner. it was..nice. not VERY entertaining.

oh, i cant imagine 1 week passed so fast... i wish it was last friday again. then tmr would be saturday, and the day after would be sunday and that would be followed by an entire week of aloe vera! (this is why the coast is clear)

dad said nick called this guy who was putting his 2 year-old lab for adoption. 2 years-old which would mean she is 7 years younger than chloe, but almost the same size(or bigger) than her! that day mel and i were at the pet shop, and we saw a 3 month old golden retriever which was born on christmas day last year and it was so furry and big! it was twice the size of chloe and it paw alone was MASSIVE!! i was really shocked... oh god, i didnt know they grew so quickly! or maybe little chloe baby's growing really slowly. she looks skinny now. in december, nearing christmas she did look kinda fat. i was thoroughly thrilled. fat dogs, but not too fat, are kinda cute. hmm..

chloe's looking and behaving more and more human now. this morning i woke up and she was taking a morning-nap on the sofa. usually she'd rush towards the first person to get up and jump around her and stuff. but today, she just picked her head up, eyes still "hazy" and all and looked at me before i stepped closer and stoked her head. then she resumed her sleeping position and started sleeping again.

ok, mom's got kfc:) hehe. chloe's gonna go nuts.
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