Friday, 21 November 2008

what should i do with my uniform?

i'll be leaving PL...and i have lots of PL shirts and pinafores. (i wanna keep the shorts!)
so i was thinking of selling them... of course, at a cheaper rate!

i have 13 shirts. and 3 pinafores...i wanna keep one, so 2 pinafores. all pinafores are un-altered. DIY. but they all look proportionate. yes they do. i have my badges too. but i wanna keep those.

It amazes me how many school shirts I have:
1. Lee house shirt- hardly used. only for 2 sports days...not faded!
2. Sec 1 I-discover shirt. only used once for sec 1 camp.
3. PL-lite shirt. too small for me, so hardly used as well.
4. PB formal - my favourite PL shirt. Big and comfy
5. PB informal
6. PL celebrates... my mom's favourite
7. Band shirt. my second favourite. i love the floral design above the PL BAND words.
8. Sec 2 camp shirt
9. PE shirt
10.some other shirt
11.PE shirt
12.Mega-camp shirt
13.A shirt that i've forgotten but positive i have. (i was counting last night as i folded them into a bundle)

all thirteen shirts that a PL-lite would have. amazing, isnt it?
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